Lamb chop is a dish that contains a long spectrum of history and heritage associated with it. One of the oldest and most popular Mediterranean food lamb chops is prepared with perfectly sliced pieces of meat which are customarily cooked and presented with the bone in. The meats are then cooked with pungent spice and herbs adding an exquisite flavour to the dish. The tender and stunning texture along with the punch of zests can elate any food lover to the seventh heaven.

Lamb chops in Houston can be the showstopper in your next brunch. If you like healthy and tasty in a single dish then choose no further than best lamb chops in Houston, at city’s most trusted Mediterranean restaurant Gyro King.

Healthy & Tasty Get Both in the lamb chops, packed with nutrients & savoury blend of flavours

It goes without saying that freshness is the key when making the perfect lamb chops, The Gyro King swears by their motto ‘eat healthy live healthy and ascertain the quality of the ingredients used in offering the best lamb chops in Houston. The establishment has been running the business for the last six years and thriving to construct itself as one of the most sought after names in Mediterranean cuisine.

The locally operated infrastructure provides an added advantage of quality control and customer interaction. Apart from the signature lamb chops, Gyro king offers a wide variety of other Mediterranean dishes and fresh fruit beverages. The menu contains other food items such as non-vegetarian platters with meat or fish over rice, chapli kobab over rice vegetarian platter with salads and falafel over rice or you can place an order for a completely customized mixed platter as per your taste and preferences.

You can opt for side dishes, desserts & beverages with an array of options like fresh fruit juice, soda, macarons, and cheesecake as add-ons to the meal or as stand-alone dishes. Now, one question certainly pop up in your mind. What does lamb taste like? Simple! Actually, most lamb is grass-finished that gives lamb its unique flavour for sure. Many food lovers describe the flavour as “gamey,” but there are a few bunches of people who prefer using words like grassy, well-balanced, strong or pastoral. Whatever it is, in actuality, the flavour comes from the branched-chain fatty acids in lamb’s fat.

Lamb chops taste too good, because, it’s fat as well as fatty acid that lambs have that beef does not. As discussed above, it’s branched chain fatty acid and that is something which humans can detect at a tiny level, which is why lamb tastes gamy and earthy compared to beef.

Gyro King your one-stop destination for best lamb chops in Houston

Besides offering the best lamb chops in Houston, Gyro King has made the name for being attentive and respectful to each of the customers that walk in the door. Each branch of Gyro King maintains a strict code of conduct for hygiene and food preparation. Every meat dish prepared here is 100% Halal Zhabia dishes and delivers foods of top-notch quality. All the staff members in every outlet are mandated to abide by covid-19 safety protocols to ensure the safety of the customers.