Are you looking for the greatest tool for paraphrasing your current content? If so, your quest is over here. now we’re going to discuss the top free paraphrase tools available online.

Paraphrase Online – Best Paraphrasing Tool

One of the most widely used paraphrase programs is called Paraphrase Online. Created it in 2017 by a group of students, and since then it continues to increase the software’s functionality.

Using artificial intelligence, this web-based technology generates original and insightful texts that maintains the meaning. The ability to instantaneously replace the term being paraphrased with its counterpart is one of this tool’s most outstanding capabilities. It’s very fast, easy and intuitive, and absolutely for free!

Paraphrase Online

To use the tool, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Type or paste your text in the “Text Before” area. May contain up to 1,000 words.
  • Click “Paraphrase!” button and wait for a while. Remember: processing time may take longer, depending on the length of the text entered.
  • Your rewritten text will appear in the “Text After” area. Fast and easy.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, you can change any synonym by clicking on it and selecting a new one from the list, or you can edit it yourself.