One of the best things you can do if you’re attempting to quit smoking is to find the best vape starter kit you can afford.


A basic vape pen, for example, is what many beginner vapers choose because it’s inexpensive and does the job, but giving up smoking is much harder without high-quality equipment.


Investing in the greatest e-cig kit you can find is a smart move if you want something that works well, provides a pleasing vape, and is also reasonably priced.


Voopoo Vinci kit

The Voopoo Vinci kit costs $24.99 and includes the pod, two coils, the actual gadget, a USB charging cord, and other accessories.


This list of the top vape pen beginning kits is kicked off by the Voopoo Vinci, which features a “pod mod” that performs admirably well and has a straightforward design that is ideal for novice vapers.


The device’s integrated 1,500 mAh battery powers vaping at power levels between 5 and 40 W. If you’re used to using box mods, this might not look like a lot, but for nicotine salt e-juices, it provides more than enough wattage and battery longevity.


The device has a square cross-section but is incredibly small and can be held like a typical vape pen. The front face of the device has a fire button, a display screen, and two adjustment buttons.


The 5.5 ml pod that comes with the device serves as both the mouthpiece and is immediately placed into the top of the device.


These are filled by pulling out a little rubber plug located on the side of the pod, and since the sides are transparent, it’s simple to check how much juice is still inside.


By removing the pod and rotating it 180 degrees, the Vinci’s dual airflow system can be modified.


Two coils are included in the package, one with a resistance of 0.3 ohm for use with regular e-liquids and another with a resistance of 0.8 ohm that is ideal for nicotine salt juices. In either scenario, the performance is excellent and your juice has a full, rich flavor.


Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus kit


One of the greatest vape starter kits available can be purchased for $19.95 with the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus kit.


A massive 3,000 mAh battery and a sub ohm tank are included as standard equipment with the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus, a new type of vape pen starter kit.


It’s a fantastic option if you’re just starting out with vaping because, despite its powers, it only requires one button to work and is quite simple to use.


With proper use, the battery should last you more than a day. It charges at 1 A using the supplied USB cable. You can always tell when you’ll need to charge soon because the LED light surrounding the fire button also shows you how much energy is left.


The kit includes a massive 8 ml tank with a threaded top loading system that makes it simple to refill with e-juice.


Two 0.18 ohm mesh coils are included with the kit, pushing performance to a level that is about as high as you can reasonably hope from something this simple.


The end result is a rather simple-to-use device that produces a lot of vapor and clear, well-produced flavor.



However, selecting the best vape kit is difficult, so we’ve put together this list to provide some suggestions.


Check out the post if you need a refresher course on the fundamentals of vape kits, including what to anticipate when you buy one and what to watch out for.