Are you in search of the top WordPress hosting Canada? You’ve come to the right website.

The internet has changed and the number of websites has grown and WordPress has a large share of websites and blogs. It has grown to be one of the strongest and widely-used CMS and over 40% of all websites online are constructed on WordPress. Its popularity is growing every day.

What’s the issue about it? If you or anyone else would like to build a website whether for personal blogs or for a business using WordPress It is recommended to pick a web host that is well-known as well as experienced and has good reviews.

The choice of Webhosting for your WordPress website is so crucial that it can boost the speed of your WordPress website’s performance or completely degrade it. For instance, performance on your website could have a significant impact on your business online. Even a small delay in the speed of your website could possibly affect the amount of traffic you receive each month and reduce your return on investment.

Additionally Google, and other search engines like Google do not promote ranking slow or unresponsive websites on SERPs.

These are the main reasons to choose a reputable and top-of-the-line WordPress web hosting provider for your WordPress website is crucial.

In terms of Canada it is among the most developed nations around the globe, which is why it has the highest number of web users worldwide. If you’re currently in Canada or are trying to reach the Canadian audience What is an alternative to choosing the most reliable WordPress hosting Canada.

These data centers that provide amazing loading times with minimal latency that allows you deliver the top speed and performance to your Canadian visitors.

In this post we’ll help you make a choice on what you should be looking for in WordPress hosting. How WPOven is the best WordPress hosting partner in Canada?

WordPress Userbase in Canada

Canada has risen to the top with more than 200K WordPress users among the top five countries, however, the United States topped the list with more than 9 million WordPress users.

According to the data from Statista the penetration of internet in Canada is expected to reach 99.1 percent by 2026.

Internet User Perception in Canada

But, you could also look over our extensive post regarding WordPress market share, in which we’ve discussed the superiority of WordPress over other CMS with updated statistics.

What qualities should you be looking for in the top Canada managed WordPress host?

There are a variety of elements and aspects you need to consider when selecting the most efficient managed WordPress hosting provider in Canada. Before that, however you must know the fundamental differences between managed WordPress Hosting and standard hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a form of web hosting that the servers are specially designed for WordPress providing the pre-installed WordPress CMS along with premium plugins, and assistance.