A Birth Certificate is issued to certify that child is born to his/her parents and that his/her name has been enrolled in the national population records of the country. The attestation of a Birth Certificate is mainly carried out by an authorized official of the maternity home or hospital, or the attestation is done by a legal magistrate of the court, who will assign an attestation to your Birth Certificates, in order to qualify their originality, so that you can use them accordingly to seek all the social, legal, and commercial benefits that your country has to provide. You may also use the attested copy of your Birth Certificates to acquire a Visa or a passport to travel to another country.

Birth Certificate Attestation by brilliance attestation
Birth Certificate Attestation by brilliance attestation

A Birth Certificate poses as one of the basic legal documents that an individual must possess. Thus, nowadays, Birth Certificates can also be attested online. If you want a Birth Certificate Attestation Online, there are various government and legal portals that cater to the need of getting an online attestation of Birth Certificates done. They carry out an online validation process of your original documents and help assign a legitimate attestation onto your Birth Certificates in order to validate their authenticity so that you may use them purposefully.

Importance of attestation of Birth Certificates

Following are some of the listed reasons why you should get a Birth Certificate Attestation Online:

  • For acquiring Citizenship
  • For higher education
  • For getting hold of commercial documents
  • To start with a new business
  • For banking reasons
  • For opening an account at a bank
  • For freezing an account at a bank
  • For acquiring a Police Clearance Certificate
  • For acquiring an Embassy Certificate
  • For traveling
  • For currency exchange
  • For immigration purposes
  • For transfer purposes
  • For getting a Visa
  • For getting hold of legal documents etc.

Documents required to get an attestation of Birth Certificates:

Following are some of the documents and certificates that you might require to get an attestation onto your Birth Certificates:

  • Attested copy of original documents (Copies of Educational and Non-Educational documents)
  • Passport Copy

Process of Attestation

In consideration of Birth Certificate Attestation Online, the following legal steps are followed in order to get the attestation of your Birth Certificates done:

  • Notary Attestation- The first step involved, is the Notary Attestation, which is carried out by a Notary Public.
  • MEA Attestation- Next is the Ministry of External Affairs Attestation
  • Embassy Attestation– Next is the Embassy Attestation it is mandatory if traveling to a foreign country.
  • MOFA Attestation- Last, is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

Why attestation.in for getting attestation of Birth Certificates online?

It is important to get your Birth Certificates attested if you want to seek all personal and legal benefits. The attestation of your Birth Certificates can be carried out by any legal official of the court. Or if you are looking for Birth Certificate Attestation Online, there are various attestation services and experts who cater to the need to get an attestation of your birth certificates. They will carry on with a verification process of your documents and certificates and will help assign an attestation.

Apart from this, brilliance attestation might also help to get the attestation done easily and in time. The cost involved in carrying out the overall process of attestation is really low and gets it done in time, after that the documents are safely delivered to you for you to use for various purposes like seeking a job, starting a new business, for higher education, etc.