Do you have a kid at home that would love to turn their bedroom into the ultimate pirate adventure? With the seven simple steps described in this article, you can easily and inexpensively transform your child’s room and let their imagination run wild.

1. Create a bed for a pirate ship.

You can make a bed for a pirate ship using very inexpensive materials. First, find a white wooden bed with drawers on the bottom. (You could buy a used bed at a flea market or thrift store and give it a quick polish with some white paint to save on costs.) Next, add a wooden curtain rod with a rounded end piece to the bed’s baseboard to complete this simulate ship mast. To add more detail to your pirate ship bed, a rope can be attached with red and blue sail flags. Simply tie one end of the rope securely to the top of the pole created with the curtain rod and add a screw hook to the baseboard. Then tie the opposite end of the rope to the screw hook.

2. Add some color to the room with an inexpensive duvet or bedspread.

You can find great deals by looking for a plain red or red and white striped duvet at your local discount stores. Buy pirate-themed fabrics from Preispiraten your local fabric store to create simple yet fun pillowcases to accent your bedding. If sewing isn’t your style, there are children’s bedding manufacturers that make pirate-themed bedding at great prices.

3. Add decorative accents to the wall above the headboard.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that makes a big statement, a simple red and white lifebuoy can be hung on the wall above the headboard to coordinate with your theme. Or you could add a realistic looking pirate ship mural for added visual interest.

4. Use sparse accent furniture to liven up the space.

Look for unique pieces of wood that can be used as a dresser or bedside table at your local department store, flea market, or budget furniture store. Remember that you can completely transform used furniture by applying a fresh coat of paint. Try using colors like green or blue that accentuate your pirate nautical theme. For a distressed look, lightly sand over the edges of the furniture after the paint has dried.

5. Use pirate-themed artwork to tie the room together.

Reasonably priced pirate artworks can be purchased online or easily made at home. Wall tattoos with pirate motifs paired with inexpensive white frames set great accents in the wall decoration. You can use a leftover piece of the pirate fabric that was used for the pillowcases and wrap it tightly around a piece of sturdy cardboard and frame it to tie your theme together.

6. Add a treasure map accent to your child’s adventure.

A pirate themed bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a treasure map accent! You can purchase treasure map accents as inexpensive posters or wall art. You can also add your own realistic treasure map accent by drawing the map on a piece of sturdy paper with a permanent marker and crumpling the paper several times. To give your customized treasure map a more worn look, you can easily apply tea stains. Simply brew a few tea bags in two cups of water and pour the tea water into a shallow bowl. Dip your treasure map in the tea mixture, then set it out to dry. Repeat this process several times until your treasure map reaches the desired shade. After your treasure map is completely dry, it can be hung above a dresser or desk to complement your room theme.

7. Complimentary room accessories complete your pirate bedroom theme.

There are many accessories that you can use to complete your pirate bedroom decor. Bring the room to life with a small goldfish bowl or let your child add a fun accent by building a Lego pirate ship. Use a beach net as a draping accent, or buy small nautical lamps, ship’s wheels, or wooden crates at discount stores or flea markets.

Completing a pirate theme for your child’s bedroom has never been easier! Involving your child in the planning will make it fun and rewarding. Your child will feel that this space was created with their input and that it really is their special space.

Any one of these seven ideas, or even all of them, will help you create a pirate-themed room your child will enjoy for years to come.