Most women have smaller or less voluminous breasts which lower their self-confidence. Breast implants surgery is a cosmetic procedure that augments the breasts and enlarges or changes the shape of the breasts in women. It is a popular and effective procedure that can even improve the cleavage and symmetry of both breasts. For some women, this surgery is a reconstructive procedure to treat various conditions while others have breast implants to regain their confidence. If you are considering breast implant surgery, talk with the best cosmetic surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani at SB Aesthetics. Read on to know more about what does the surgery entails, including its benefits, preparation, and recovery.

What are the different options for Breast implant surgery?

  • Saline breast implants- These implants are filled with sterile saline water. They are safe as even if they break inside the breasts, the body can absorb its contents and naturally get rid of them. Some saline-filled implants or structured implants possess inner structures that give implants a natural feel.
  • Silicone breast implants- These implants have a silicone sac filled with silicone gel. If they break, the gel may either stay within its shell or leak into the breast. Surgeons must regularly check on these implants to ensure they are working properly.
  • Form-stable breast implants (or gummy bear implants)- These contain thicker silicone gel which provides more firmness to the implants than traditional breast implants. Even if the implant breaks, the breast shape is not compromised. A longer incision is required to place these implants.
  • Round breast implants- These are overall round in shape and make the implants look fuller. They do not change the breast shape even if they move out of their place.
  • Smooth breast implants- These are the softest among all kinds of implants and usually make the breast movement look more natural.
  • Textured breast implants- These implants get secured inside the breast by creating scar tissue to adhere to the implants.

How to prepare for breast implant surgery?

The surgeon conducts a blood test, adjusts or stops the intake of certain medications, avoids certain foods and drugs, and quits smoking. A home recovery area must be prepared well in time before the day of surgery.

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Steps involved in the breast implant surgery:

  • Providing anesthesia- The surgery is carried out as an outpatient procedure (lasting for 1-2 hours) in the surgery clinic or hospital where the patient receives either local or general anesthesia.
  • Making incision- The incisions are usually made in inconspicuous areas to minimize noticeable scarring. The different options include an inframammary fold incision (fold under the breast), an axillary incision (in the armpit), and a periareolar incision (along the areolar edge). Based on the type of breast implant being used, particular breast anatomy desired degree of enlargement, and the preference of patient and surgeon, the incision is made.
  • Placing the breast implant- Through the cut, the breast implant is inserted into the pocket either under the pectoral muscle (a submuscular placement) or directly behind breast tissue i.e. over the chest muscle (a sub-glandular/submammary placement). The positioning of the breast implant depends upon the type of implant, the patient’s body type, surgeon recommendations, and the desired size of breasts.
  • Closing incision- After the breast implants are in their right place, the incision is closed with layered structures in the breast tissue and with stitches, surgical tape, or skin adhesive. The incision line fades after some time
  • Visualizing the results- The patient can expect to see immediate visible results.

What happens after the breast implant surgery?

During the recovery period, the breasts are initially wrapped in gauze dressings and a support bra or elastic bandage which help reduce swelling and provide additional support until they heal. Immediately following the operation, the patient is closely monitored in the recovery room. After discharge, the patient must follow postoperative instructions and go for a follow-up appointment. The patient must complete the course of antibiotics and pain killers to avoid infection and relieve discomfort. As per the directions given by the surgeon, the patient must resume their normal activities and exercise.

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