Brussels Airlines is making changes to its commercial structure so that it can respond even better to changes in the market and improve its relationships with the travel trade. Emmanuel Menu is joining the company and will be in charge of sales in Europe, the US, and India. Frédéric Dechamps will only work on the Benelux market, and Patrick Artiel will be in charge of the home market’s corporate sales team.

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Brussels Airlines wants to be seen as the partner of the travel industry and business customers in its Benelux home market more than ever. With the start of five weekly flights to Mumbai, India, the Belgian airline is now able to fly to a new continent. The business structure of Brussels Airlines has been changed to prepare for new challenges.

Brussels Airlines found a sales manager with a lot of experience and knowledge of Europe, North America, and India in Emmanuel Menu. He is now in charge of sales in Europe, North America, and India. Emmanuel Menu began his career in 1996 as the Corporate Sales Manager for the Benelux region at Sabena. He then became the VP of Global Sales for Sabena/Swissair. After helping to start up Brussels Airlines, he went to work as General Manager Benelux for the Indian airline Jet Airways. In that job, he helped Jet Airways get started in the Belgian market. He became the Regional Vice President for Continental Europe and America at Jet Airways. Now, Emmanuel Menu is back on board with Brussels Airlines.

“His many years of sales experience and innovative ideas, as well as his large network and knowledge of the Indian, European, and North American markets, will be of great value to Brussels Airlines,” says Christina Foerster, Brussels Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer. “At the same time, Emmanuel’s arrival lets us focus Frédéric Dechamps’s full attention on our very important home market, where we want to strengthen our sales activities.

At the same time, Patrick Artiel’s new job will make it easier for us to work with our corporate clients. The new organisation shows how important the relationship between Brussels Airlines and the travel trade and corporate customers is.