Residential properties – they come in various sizes, styles, and shapes. Unless you create one from the ground up, there isn’t much one can do to a pre-constructed home. While you always have the benefit of renovating the style of the house, it is difficult to make changes in the available space. Hence, using innovative furniture solutions remains the only option.

One such example of innovative home furniture is the Murphy bed. No matter how crowded or small your bedroom/living room is, there is always a way to fit in a murphy bed. Unlike traditional beds, Murphy beds don’t just sit on the floor; they can be hinged vertically against the wall or inside a cabinet or a closet. This means they leave enough space for you to use throughout the day.

Murphy beds with simple construction typically come accompanied by a Murphy Bed Hardware KitThis kit helps individuals to get their hands on DIYing the entire installation process.

So, what is a Murphy bed hardware kit?

A murphy bed hardware kit comprises all mechanical hardware parts along with necessary bolts, fasteners, screws, etc., that help build and assemble the professional-grade murphy bed.

With this kit at your disposal, all you need to buy is a few ¾” of thick wood sheets and some screws to get started. And since the entire procedure from the ground up will be done on your own, you have the benefit of customizing it to fit the available space and make the most out of it.

Once done with the installation, you can throw many types of innerspring or foam mattresses onto the bed, as long as you are comfortable with it.

Also, it is worth noting that the Murphy bed hardware kit doesn’t include wood and the mattress.

What does the Murphy bed hardware kit comprise?

There are a few things included in the hardware kit, such as –

1. Tube fold-up legs in a square shape

The square tube fold-up legs have a sleek appearance. They are quite stronger and more durable than the low-priced round tube leg available on the market.

These square tube fold-up legs are made using steel (14 ga.), making them capable of holding up to any high-quality bed. These types of tube legs come with rubber footing, preventing them from scratching your home’s laminate or hardwood flooring.

What’s more? The built-in template of the mounting plate with round legs makes it easy to select Murphy bedside rails with rounded ends.

2. 2-in-1 lower plate system

This unique 2-in-1 lower pivot plate system makes it easy to attach the hardware quickly and easily to any wooden sections. All you need to do is create a hole, append the hardware, utilize the screws and nuts provided, and you are done.

Unlike the separate parts available in the market, this lower pivot plate system doesn’t require you to do precise measurements or perform any extra time-eating steps to append the plates.

3. Easy-to-lift piston

Equalizing the weight of the wall bed highly relies on the mechanism of the piston. The kit contains a high-quality easy-to-lift piston system. It allows for quick and easy installation. Plus, opening and closing the wall bed doesn’t require much effort with this system in place.

4. Adjustable mattress strap

The Murphy bed hardware kit also contains the adjustable nylon mattress strap with a quick-release clasp. This means you will be completely capable of adjusting the strap at any time in just one step.

The adjustable mattress strap is thoughtfully designed to maintain the position of the bedding and the mattress.

5. Auto-lockpivot plates

The auto-lock pivot plates that you will come across in the kit contain a quick and easy auto-locking function to seamlessly lock the sides of the bed cabinet in place while assembling it.

You don’t have to deal with clips and pins, just simply slide the rod into the plate receiver, and you are done.

6. Assorted hardware

With most of the Murphy bed hardware kit, you will receive adequate amounts of miscellaneous hardware parts, including screws, wood screws, nylon spacers, and nylon washers to help you easily attach the hardware of the bed with the wooden sections.

Tips to keep in mind when installing a Murphy bed from a professional

1. Measure your space

Even though it is possible to assemble a Murphy bed in a compact bedroom, knowing how much space you have is important to determine the size of the bed.

So, proceed with measuring your space. Ensure to make a note of where the doors, windows, outlets, and closets are located. Also, measure the ceiling height. Lastly, sketch a floor plan to determine whether or not there is enough space available for bed projection when it is open.

Since there are many options and configurations available for designing a Murphy bed, you can always find a way to work even with small spaces.

Full and queen beds are common murphy bed options, but that doesn’t mean you cannot build a twin and king-size Murphy bed.

2. Plan out the space properly

Keep in mind that once the Murphy bed is installed in place, you won’t be able to move it easily. Once it is there, it is there for good. While it is a good thing, it also means you need to be extra thoughtful when choosing the placement to make the most out of your space.

Therefore, it is best to spend a little time determining the use of the area. Will you be using the space as a bedroom? Or will the room function as an office/play area. Will the bed mainly accommodate the guests and so on.

If you have doubts, you can always work with professional space planners and designers to ensure the design maximizes the use of the available space while keeping it attractive.

3. See to it that you have the right placement

Whether you choose a designer to design the space or not, it is worth noting that the placement should be done in a place that is safe for installation. Although you can secure the murphy beds properly using the Murphy bed hardware kit, anchoring the wall on a weak section of the wall can backfire and even prove fatal.

This is why it is important to consider the condition of the walls, determine the ceiling height, low hanging light fixtures, etc., that could interfere with the function of the bed. Also, avoid closets and entryway door swings.

4. Clear the space

Even though the Murphy bed won’t be sitting on the floor forever, it is worth clearing the space that the bed would take when laid flat.

Also, ensuring the flooring is properly leveled is important, too. You certainly don’t want to compromise the position of your bed with improperly leveled flooring, as that could prove problematic down the line.

Clearing the space where the bed will eventually sit when pulled down can prevent any potential mishap from taking place, given the bed, its mechanism, its frame, and the mattress placed on it are both high-quality and heavy-duty.

5. Trust the process

It is common to question the design of the Murphy bed at the initial stage of installation. But, you must know that building a Murphy bed is a long process that needs to be carefully implemented at every single step.

Also, keep in mind that every bed design is unique. Specific adjustments are mandatory for the bed to keep up with the mattress and the individual sleeping on it.

Adjusting the springs s inevitable to balance the weight properly. After all, panel beds function on the spring function. A properly installed and balanced bed will also prevent snap-shutting while closing or falling down when opening.

Over to you

Watching the entire process of Murphy bed installation can be exciting, especially when you see your limited room getting transformed into an open space you always envisioned.

While it is totally acceptable for you to install your Murphy bed using the Murphy bed hardware kit, it is worth noting that without professional knowledge on the subject, there is only so much that you can do. If you aren’t sure about hiring a professional, you may benefit by checking the offerings of Create A Bed. Their step-by-step guide is all you need to make the most out of your Murphy bed installation.