Yes, you can load your cash app card at Walmart. You just have to go physically to your nearest Walmart store. Ask the cashier if you want to add money to your cash app card. They will ask you for some information and you have to pay them with green cash or through your debit card/credit card. There are some additional charges if you add money to the cash app through Walmart.

Can I load my cash app card at dollar general?

Yes, you can load your cash app card at any dollar General Store. Just go to your nearby dollar General Store and ask the cashier to put money on your cash-up card.

Can I load my cash app card at 7 Eleven stores?

Yes, you can easily load your cash-up card at 7 eleven stores. The procedure is similar as the above.

Can I put money in a cash app card at CVS?

Yes, we can put money in a cash card through the nearest CVS Store. Walk up to the cashier and ask him to put money on your cash app card.

Can I put money in a cash app card at target?

yes, you can also put money into your cash app card from the target.

How can I add money to my Cash Up account, without a bank account?

You can also put money in your cash app account without even having a bank account. Find a person from your friends and family, who has a cash app account and they have their card or bank account linked to it. Then you can give them green money and ask them to transfer funds to your Cashapp account. They can add money to their cash app account from their bank account. After that, they can transfer the amount to your cash app. Make sure whoever you are choosing you know them. There might be incidents where you give them hard cash and after receiving that they ghost you.

How to put physical cash on a cash app card / how do I load paper cash on my cash app card?

As of now, you cannot put physical cash card directly into your cash app account. You can withdraw cash through a cash card from any ATM that supports VISA. Cash app is a bitcoin-based app where your money gets stored as Bitcoin. Depositing money through hard cash is a coin base exchange. And parking your Bitcoin on coin base Exchange is quite irrelevant. However, you can give that hard cash to any of your friends or family who uses the cash app. And ask them to send funds to your cash app.


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