Melasma is a dark circle that is common in dark skinned people such as Asians like us, black Americans and Mexicans It is more common in women than men. Not many Thai women have problems with melasma on their faces. At present, it is not known exactly what causes melasma. But often, melasma is found after a condition in which the body has high levels of female hormones, such as during pregnancy, while taking or injecting contraceptives, sunlight and light from the stove are another things that stimulate melasma or darken the existing melasma.

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Don’t assume that the dark circles found on your face are just melasma. Melasma looks like a brown blotch that is not convex. Often found on the face in a symmetrical distribution. The most common locations are the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and above the upper lip. other types of dark circles often found on the face, but not blemish that confuse us, such as freckles, freckles, and freckles. Sun freckles look like small light brown spots. It is not convex and is often scattered all over the face. which if left for a long time The flesh has a rough surface like cauliflower. The memorial is characterized by dark brown spots that are scattered only around the cheekbones on both sides. We need to differentiate whether those dark circles are melasma, freckles, freckles or memories because each of these dark circles has different treatment methods.

At present, the most effective and safest standard method for treating melasma is applying medication. There are many types of melasma treatment. Some work by inhibiting the formation of melanin, such as hydroquinone and acelaic acid, and some work by accelerating the exfoliation of the epidermis so that excess pigment is peeled off as well, such as retinoic acid ( Vitamin A, low-concentration fruit acids (AHA). The use of these drugs should be under the supervision of a physician. It should not be bought and used by yourself as it may cause side effects from the medication.

New types of melasma treatment creams, dietary supplements, oral medications or injections that we often hear can treat melasma. Most of them are still in the research process. Most of the research did not have enough numbers of patients used in the study. including the method of education is not yet concise As a result, the effectiveness of most melasma treatment creams and supplements still need to be followed up. both in terms of the true effectiveness in treating melasma, complications, including practical application in patients

Chemical peel is another treatment that is often used in conjunction with applying medication. or as we are often familiar with the terminology known as “Treatment” is the use of chemicals that accelerate the peeling of the epidermis faster, such as high-concentration fruit acids. Treatment with topical drugs along with chemical peels Often helps the melasma fade faster than treatment with one method alone. There are also other treatments such as scaling with gemstones. (Microdermabrasion), iontophoresis, etc. But there is still no method that works well and can cure melasma.

from past to present There are many laser systems used to treat melasma, such as Ruby laser, Nd:YAG laser, Alexandrite laser, Erbium laser, Fractional Resurfacing, copper bromide laser, etc. But there is no laser system that can treat melasma effectively. and can make melasma disappear completely What’s worse is Laser can cause dark circles of melasma to become darker. or make the blemishes become freckles look more prominent A minority of patients whose melasma fades after laser treatment. And in almost every case that melasma has improved, melasma will recur after stopping treatment.

From the survey results at the Dermatology Examination Unit, Siriraj Hospital, it was found that the facial melasma has a considerable impact on the quality of life of patients. causing the patient to lack confidence and affects living in society Although most patients are aware that there is no cure yet. that treats melasma works well or makes melasma disappear completely Still, most patients still need treatment. to fade some blemishes or faded to a level that can be concealed with makeup

At present, there is no cure for that treats melasma well with everyone and can be cured whether it is a drug chemical peeling of the face or even a laser Currently available treatments may help fade dark circles. or some may disappear at all But the treatment effect is usually temporary. Melasma often recurs when treatment is stopped. Or often the melasma may become darker even though it’s still being treated. What patients may be able to help themselves is avoiding factors that cause dark spots such as exposure to the sun, taking hormonal drugs such as birth control pills, etc., and using sunscreen regularly.

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