Lyme disease is associated with a bacterial infection. It happens due to the bite of an infected black-legged tick that carries the bacterium. This disease affects millions every year across the globe.  According to the data available publicly, the United States sees the highest number of Lyme disease cases each year which means the US is the most affected country with Lyme disease. 


Although there is no clinically tested and proven treatment available in healthcare so far, presently, health experts use certain antibiotics to treat Lyme disease, including doxycycline, cefuroxime, and amoxicillin. However, these antibiotics have been found ineffective to eradicate all bacteria of Lyme disease from the patients’ bodies in many cases. This indicates that antibiotics are not a permanent treatment for Lyme disease and its symptoms. 


In recent times, many health organizations started focusing on natural remedies, such as herbs and plant-based remedies, as a Lyme disease natural treatment option. And the best thing is that they found a lot of potential in this alternative treatment. Several health organizations also tested this treatment option and they got very promising results.  


Apart from this, several studies and research have been done so far to know and analyze the potential of Lyme disease treatment in plant-based natural remedies. Some of those studies have shown really brilliant results.


A 2018 study suggests that 10 plant-derived essential oils have enough potential to fight against the black-legged ticks bacteria while a recent study found that the extracts from Japanese knotweed and Ghanaian quinine prevent the free-swimming black-legged tick bacteria from multiplying. This study also claims that these extracts have the ability to kill the bacteria within a week. 

These promising results of plant-based natural remedies in treating Lyme disease double the excitement of health experts and medical researchers. Several patients with Lyme disease have tried plant-based natural remedies worldwide. They got very amazing results. Therefore, many health organizations also started focusing on herbs and plant-based remedies as a Lyme disease treatment option. Trillium Health Solutions is one of those health organizations that provide a wide range of best quality herbs for Lyme disease treatments.