Medical Malpractice is an outline of when a Doctor fails to diagnose their patient correctly or performs medical negligence that may harm the person in critical ways, like the death of the patient or any serious health issue. In such a situation the patient or his family and close ones can put a claim against the doctor or health care provider. To do so, you can hire a Failure to Diagnose Lawyer like Michael P.Bonner Attorney to win the claim.

While claiming medical malpractice, for Medical Negligence Death Attorney, a common query arises in prospects’ mindsets most of the time.

Can you sue a Doctor for altering medical records? Is it possible that my doctor can alter my medical records to protect them from being charged? Because claiming Medical Malpractice anywhere in the world is a very tricky task. Going against these massive medical teams or informed doctors is not everyone’s cup of tea.

We have seen in movies and series how the medical record is altered, which gets trapped in our minds that it can also happen in reality. Maybe yes, maybe no. Although it may sound simple for doctors and other healthcare providers to simply alter your medical records if they are accused of Medical Malpractice claims, there are several reasons why doing so is not a good idea even for them.

Reasons Why a Doctor or Healthcare Provider Will not Alter Medical Records

There are some hard reasons why a doctor or medical care provider may not Alter the medical records such as-

  • Falsifying or altering the medical record is an offensive crime that may lead to huge lump sum charges or even Jail.
  • Altering Medical Records in any way can make it harder for the doctor to win over the medical malpractice claim and also the case.
  • If the Doctor gets trapped for alerting a medical record, he/she may not be trusted by the Jury, as it becomes questionable and also accountable, that something is wrong from the doctor’s side.
  • Also in the medical profession, documents are shared among the nurses, and other doctors, hence altering the medical records, will not do well for the doctor. Because somehow, the correct records can be found.
  • Also, discrepancies can be caught, in different copies of the documents, as well as patient’s bills. Hence, it is hard not to get caught, if the doctor alters medical records.
  • Also, a forensic scientist can tell when the documents are changed merely by looking at the ink and the indentations on the paper.

Now, let us know whether it is illegal or legal to Alter Medical records.

Is it Legal or Illegal to Alter Medical Records?

We must know that altering medical records is a crime, which can be used to claim against doctors for Medical malpractice claims. Because if such a case is going on a doctor and a doctor or healthcare provider gets caught, then he can be punished for such a crime. But if the medical professional makes honest updates to the correction, before doing so, he must make a new note and include the current date and time. And they should be able to explain the alteration. Now let us know what a medical record is and who can access it.

What is a Medical Record and who can Access it?

A medical record is a summary of your health history. Every specialist and hospital you have used has your complete medical records. Nowadays Electronic Health Records (EHR) are used to maintain health and medical records. Your medical records will include Personal Information, Family medical history, referrals, Medical and treatment history, and much more. So let’s see, whether you can sue a Doctor for alerting medical malpractices.

Can you see a Doctor for Medical Malpractice?

The question arises, whether such medical malpractice happens to you or somebody close to you, can you sue the doctor? So the answer is it depends on the lawyer you hire. If you hire a Professional Medical Malpractice Lawyer, with lots of years of experience, then chances are you can easily win the claim and chances are you can even charge compensation to the doctors and the medical team. But if you hire an inexperienced lawyer, chances are you may lose everything.

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