By now, most people who have been using AOL for any length of time at all are aware of just how remarkable it is. Attaching and sending files via email is common for most of us. However, if you discover that AOL mail is experiencing problems with its attachment feature, you may feel let down. You can easily fix this problem by reading this guide on how to attach files to your AOL mail and what to do if you run into a problem. If you can’t open attachments in AOL mail, facing AOL mail attachment problems and AOL mail attachment limit then read below the solutions to resolve them.

What Can You Do If AOL Mail Doesn’t Allow You to Attach Files?

One of the most common issues with AOL mail attachments is the inability to attach files. There are a number of possible causes for this. When you can’t attach a file to an email, here’s what you can do:

1- Please check to see if the file you’ve attached to your email isn’t exceeding the AOL email attachment limit; the file you’ve attached must not be more than 25 MB.

2- Make sure your device is connected to a network and has sufficient signal strength before sending any emails or attaching any files.

3- Please make certain that your AOL email account is up to date before attempting to send an attachment through a browser. AOL may stop working if the browser isn’t compatible.

4- It’s impossible to send an email or add an attachment if the AOL server is down for any reason and you are unable to log in; therefore, you must verify that everything at AOL is working properly.

Using AOL Mail Attachments Correctly

1- The ‘Compose’ option can be found in your AOL mail account after logging in.

2- The file explorer window will open when you click on the ‘Paperclip’ icon that allows you to attach files.

3- When you have located the file that needs to be attached, click ‘Open’ to open it. You’ll be able to attach the file you’ve chosen to your email.

4- In the same way, you have unlimited attachments.