The digital experience and customer care are the foundation on which you build your car insurance in the future, including personalized policies and increasingly close relations between customers and companies.

Digital technology is changing the way we behave, even when we have to choose auto insurance. We are more demanding, we want flexible products capable of adapting to our habits. Modern consumers are asking companies for personalized policies and the possibility of interacting more and more.

Car insurance: interaction and flexibility

If up to 10 years ago the insurer contacted its customers once a year for renewal or only saw them in the event of an accident, now it is no longer enough. The insurance market is changing and the demands of motorists are also changing: to continue selling policies and maintaining customer confidence, insurance must change too.

According to the surveys presented last October at the sixteenth edition of the Insurance Day organized by Accenture, customers of insurance companies are asking for flexible and personalized policies and need to establish a closer and more interactive relationship with the company or with their trusted agent.

Requests for a better customer experience

To win the competition, companies need to focus more and more on delivering a better customer experience. By listening to consumer requests, they can develop more modern and relevant policies.

During the Insurance Day, the results of a survey conducted on 32,000 people from around the world were discussed. It found that consumers want sun coast insurance companies to:

  • advise against safer driving, alerting customers in case of road problems, particular weather conditions, or accidents;
  • give general advice on how to reduce risks ;
  • allow greater customization of the policies, even upon request for personal data relating to one’s habits.

There is another interesting fact to highlight: 38% of European consumers are ready to abandon traditional insurance companies and take out a policy with large digital companies such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon, or Google. A sign that European motorists give more and more importance to digital communications and to the possibility of getting in touch instantly in case of need with the person who issued the car insurance.