Economics programme is one of the evergreen subjects because of its high utility and huge demand in the job market. It’s also a critical discipline from a career and a job point of view. Therefore, a well-trained economist has a high demand in India and worldwide.

One of the most attractive aspects of seeking the course is the job scope of BA Economics Hons. BA Honours Economics course is excellent for the graduates as they can apply for different job designations that offer high salary packages.

Career Scope after BA in Economics In India

Now lets enrol the career after BA economics Honours jobs are:

Actuarial Science – Actuarial science is an emerging career opportunity amongst Economics graduates. They use mathematical skills and statistical methods to determine risk in finance, insurance and different areas. The analytical and practical knowledge embedded in Economics will help you perform in this field with utmost proficiency.

Finance – The curriculum of Economics harnesses talents of financial intellect and understanding. Suppose you have an interest in Finance and Banking. In that case, you can go on to pursue MBA in Finance and Banking or an MA degree in finance or a Chartered Financial Analyst certification after graduating.

Indian Economic Services (IES) – Candidates of civil services who are also blessed with skills in Economics can target the IES. This sector plays a part in creating and implementing development policies and programmes, besides dealing with other areas such as regulation, price fixation, monitoring, economic reforms, etc.

Law – The combined knowledge of economics and law makes you suitable for a career path in public policy, corporate law, market research, etc. After completing your studies in Economics, you can go forward with a three-year law degree.

Economics and Its Related Disciplines – Economics, a social science, has roots in many humanistic themes, such as environment, political science, agriculture, etc. You’ll also study as part of your degree. As a result, you can go for any of these interdisciplinary specialisations:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Labour Economics
  • Industrial Economics
  • International Economics
  • Business Economics
  • Banking Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Developmental Economics

Rural Development and Public Policy – This field aims to improve the financial requirements of marginal and farmers groups by implementing changes in public policy. Studying the Indian economy and its operations makes Economics students well equipped to deal with such situations and makes it a perfect option.

Management – A degree in economics coupled with an MBA opens up doors in various management domains, including sales, marketing, public relations, human resource management, operations, etc.

Consulting – Many consultancy firms hire Economics graduates as economic advisors to their firms. Financial advisors conduct research, prepare reports, and formulate plans to address economic problems. Problems are mostly related to producing and distributing goods and services and monetary and fiscal policy.

Required Skills to Pursue Careers In Economics

If you have the given below skills, then you will have a better career after BA Economics:

  • You should have the better mathematical knowledge to work with other figures to pursue a better career in Economics.
  • You should always remain up-to-date on current affairs, and you have to understand the importance of analytics.
  • You should be research-minded and possess the ability to research every part of the economy.
  • You should be encouraged enough and try to be perfect.
  • You have to think logically in other scenarios.
  • Proficiency in Mathematical understanding is essential to building up a career in this degree.
  • You should have better communication and public speaking skills to explain the complicated economic analysis to the general people who do not know Economics.

An economics degree is a vast course that provides extensive knowledge about the practical and technical concepts that run the world.

The Economic subject has given out legends like Dr. Manmohan Singh and P.Chidambaram, and it’s time your name makes a list even longer. So if anything mentioned overhead sparks your mind, you should think of going this route!