Introduction :

A caveat application is filed with the aid of using after they understand that a person goes to pursue civil litigation towards them. Read extra to recognize approximately the layout of caveat utility and extra. The time period caveat has its inception withinside the mid-sixteenth century, which means ‘permit someone beware’ withinside the Latin language.

Who can document caveat?

According to Section 148A, the character submitting the caveat has the proper to seem earlier than the Court regarding the in shape. Therefore, it may be stated that any character may also document a caveat, whether or not a celebration to the in shape or not.

Why are caveat packages filed?
Caveat petition is filed withinside the courtroom docket as a prudent degree that’s initiated with the aid of using human beings after they have a completely sturdy notion that a few instances are going to have an effect on their hobby in any manner

Sample Caveat Application format :-



Caveat No.         /2012


…Petitioners / Caveators




…Respondent / Expected Petitioners / Plaintiffs






  1. Description of the Petitioners/ Caveators:


  1.       ____, Son of      , Hindu, aged about 56 years.


  1.       _____, Hindu, aged about 27 years, all are residing at _______.


  1. Description of the Respondent / Expected Petitioners / Plaintiffs:


  1.       _____, Son of      , Hindu, aged about 59 years.


  1.       ________, both are residing at _____.


  1. The Petitioners apprehend that the Respondent may institute a suit with false allegations against the Petitioners and they may try to obtain expartee order against the Petitioners. The Respondent may come to the Hon’ble court at any time with a false suit. Therefore, the Petitioners are forced to file this caveat petition.


  1. Let nothing be done without notice to the Petitioners / Caveators in respect of any suit or application likely to be filed by the Respondents against the Petitioners / Caveators. The Petitioners / Caveators undertake to serve the caveat notice to the Respondents through registered post with acknowledge due.


  1. A fixed court fee of Rs.10/- is herewith paid Under Article 18 of Schedule II of Tamil Nadu Court Fees and Suit Valuation Act.


It is therefore prayed that this Hon’ble court may be pleased  to lodge the caveat in the above matter and thus render justice.








Counsel for the Petitioners / Caveators                                           Caveators


       We the above named petitioners / Caveators do hereby declare that the contents stated in the above paras are true and correct to the best of knowledge, belief and information and we signed this at _____ on 07.08.2012.








Caveators .