Since engagement rings have always been popular, pave halo rings will still be at the forefront in 2023. This stone is a contemporary classic because of how the oval elongates and flatters almost any finger.

A pave halo ring surrounds the center diamond with smaller accent stones to make it stand out and attract attention. The halo settings stones may have a different form from the center stone or the same shape. The hottest trend in bridal jewelry is the halo engagement ring. Retro halo rings offer a contemporary yet timeless alternative to the traditional engagement ring. The main stone appears bigger, thanks to the halo. Engagement rings with halo accents dazzle to the max. They complement nearly every diamond shape. 

How Do Halo Engagement Rings Work?

This well-known ring, which is set enclosing the gemstone in a group of round diamonds, is a favored piece of celebrity jewelry. These diamonds might be faceted color gemstones, pave, or micro-pave. Any type of paving is alive with light, drawing focus to the focal stone. Choose a halo ring if you want a statement piece.

pear shaped blue diamond ring

Halo Setting: A Perfect Picture

An enormous high-carat diamond will appear in a halo setting since the halo enlarges the core diamond. A half-carat diamond can actually appear up to half a carat larger. This is a lovely feature for the engaged couple as it allows for elegance and sparkle without exceeding your spending limit. Engagement rings featuring multiple halos, floral features, or halos enclosing compass point settings are also becoming more popular. 

Which Design of Engagement Halo Ring Should You Pick?

There are 5 main styles of halo engagement rings designs:

1) Floating Style

This halo engagement ring design is very distinctive. In this setting, the primary diamond appears independent of the accent diamonds and, when viewed from the front, is situated above the halo. These engagement rings’ stones are really highlighted by the setting.

Nevertheless, the role of the accent stones is preserved and even enhanced because they highlight the main attraction. These pillar stones emit a brilliant brightness and shimmer from two different angles. These rings will be high-set, though, so they might not be ideal for someone who leads an active lifestyle or for someone who might be in circumstances that could scratch the diamond.

double halo ring

2) Pear Shape Style

You guessed it—a pear-shaped stone—is used as the center stone in an engagement ring with a pear-shaped halo. Diamonds with a pear shape sometimes have the moniker ‘teardrop diamonds’. Their length and width vary. This shape of diamonds in jewelry looks fantastic with a variety of precious metals, including white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. The accented stones in a halo ring are often relatively small, making the pear-shaped stone stand out.

 3) Cushion-Cut Style

This engagement ring is identical to all others; the ‘cushion’ diamond is the only difference. A square with rounded corners is referred to as cushion-cut (you know, like a pillow or cushion.) Although cushion-shaped diamonds don’t have the same brightness as round brilliant cuts, they are still quite good at producing a lot of glitter. Additionally, cushion-cut diamonds have more fire, which results in their own spectacular display.

 4) Princess-Cut Style

The princess engagement ring appears to be an extremely nice, perfect square or rectangle when viewed from above. However, when viewed from the side, it somewhat resembles an inverted pyramid. If you desire a square stone with the same brilliance or glitter as a round diamond, princess-cut diamonds are an option. Because the princess stone shape exhibit beauty, style, and edge, it is for the woman who is lured to the excitement and a true romantic at heart.

 5) Oval Shape Style

With an oval-cut main stone, you get more diamonds for your money, and it’s not just a trick of the eye. This particular stone’s form stands for originality, individuality, and pushing the envelope while still recognizing and respecting tradition. The oval stone shape also represents fertility, rebirth, and family because it resembles an egg.

pave halo ring

 Wrap Up

You know, it makes sense to pay close attention to the position of the center stone of a double halo ring, its form, and other details. Consideration should be given to the type of metal used to create the ring. You’ll probably realize right away that yellow gold is one of the nicest materials. This is especially true if the ring’s diamonds have any yellow hues. Yellow gold will minimize the tint, which is advantageous. You won’t look as neat and subtle if you don’t. In the absence of yellow in the stone, platinum or white gold can be the ideal choice. Rose gold is another fashionable new option.