Jewelry is usually worn as a means of adornment to the body. It adds a polishing touch to an outfit. Even the earliest cavemen wore necklaces made from animal skin and bones for this very reason!  

Over time, we have seen jewelry evolve in both form and materials, but one thing remains true: pick the right pieces, and you will be sure to look stunning.

Your choice of jewelry can considerably impact how good you look, especially if you are wearing the right style with the correct outfit. Fashion jewelry pieces do not have to be expensive or overpowering. However, you need to know some simple rules before choosing your attire for the day.  

Choosing the right jewelry from an online boutique is easy, but it does require a little thought and planning. Sometimes you need to downplay your accessories for more casual occasions, and other times you can play them up to really make a statement.

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Style opposite colors and tones for more subdued looks

It can help if you choose jewelry with the opposite color tone to your outfit. However, choosing the right color of jewelry is mostly a matter of taste, and fashion trends only play a secondary role.

For instance, if you are donning a dress in green, you might want to wear yellow earrings and a gold watch. It will help tone the vibrant greens in your outfit and make you look more stylish. If you are wearing a black outfit, choose light tone earrings or a brightly colored pendant. This grey-toned necklace brings a dull outfit back to life.

Pair busy prints with minimal jewelry

If you wear a busy print dress with lots of different colors and patterns, keep your jewelry minimal. You want the focus to be on your outfit, so avoid anything that will compete. You might like to wear something sparkly in silver or gold if it is appropriate for your dress but try not to overdo it by adding too much jewelry. 

For example, this top in leopard print is paired with simple gold hoop earrings. Or you can contrast with bright colors to make the outfit pop.

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Wearing different color tones

If you are wearing a dress with contrasting colors or different tones, then choose your jewelry accordingly. 

For example, if you have a light blue dress with dark blue beading around the bodice, you might like to wear silver earrings and a silver bracelet. It will bring out the contrast in the shades of your outfit and make it look chicer. 

Multi Colored outfits

If you are wearing an outfit with multicolored tones, try to find jewelry with one or two of those colors. For example, if you are wearing a dress with orange tones and green tones, try to find earrings for girls or a necklace that has those same colors. This will help to unify and tie your outfit together and ensure that it looks as good as possible.

Mind the outfit necklines

If you are wearing a low-cut top or dress, it might be better to team this with a necklace. If you prefer to wear earrings, always remember that these should be smaller than usual not to draw attention away from your top. 

A bold statement necklace will allow you to pull your look together without getting too heavy. It seems adorable to style a bold necklace with a scoop neck top.

Dress for the occasion

Some outfits and occasions call for more embellished or decorated jewelry. For example, if you are going to a ball, you might like to wear something with larger stones. If it is a laid-back occasion, wearing jeans and casual women tops will be the order of the day; keep your jewelry simple and understated, such as silver stud earrings or a simple pendant.

This attire is perfect for a casual date on valentine’s day. The red heart-shaped graphic tee with jeans and a hat is completed with simple silver stud earrings and a gold watch. It is the ideal outfit since it features elements that compliment each other and allow the jewelry to stand out in a subtle way.

A mostly plain outfit

If you have an outfit that has simple, plain tones and styles, you can dress this up with some bolder pieces of jewelry. Try to find something that compliments your outfit’s tone and adds a finishing touch without overdoing it.

A great necklace can add an extra sparkle to your outfit and bring a dull look to life. If you want to achieve this effect but don’t have much jewelry in your collection, try wearing a few sparkly accessories with a basic top and dress. For example, you could wear a plain dress with some extra jewelry pieces such as an eye-catching bead necklace and some simple stud earrings. 

In Conclusion

Jewelry is not only a way to accessorize your outfit; it’s also a great way to express yourself and show off your personality. If you can assess the area of your body that needs attention, choose pieces of jewelry with intricate details, and develop a balanced outfit with matching colors. You will have great success in selecting the perfect jewelry.

The secret is in choosing the right types of jewelry from online boutiques to go with the right types of outfits. You can keep your cost down while still looking fantastic by following these easy rules.