More often than not, the source of your fatigue can be traced back to your habits. The routines you carry out on a daily basis are frequently a source of the fatigue you feel. When your routines aren’t able to adjust in the ways your brain needs, try turning to brain health supplements meant to bridge the gap.  

What Contributes to Fatigue? 

 Step back and examine your life as if you were an unbiased third party. Before you can determine which brain health supplements you should take to counteract your fatigue, you should honestly judge your current lifestyle. Common sources of fatigue include:  

  • Lack of exercise 
  • Lack of sleep
  • Unhealthy eating habits 
  • Alcohol or drug use 
  • Some medications, including antihistamines and cough medicines 

During your journey to fight fatigue with natural energy boosters, try to work on any areas in your normal routine that could use improvement. Tackling your lifestyle issues and regularly taking brain health supplements will work overtime to renew your energy reservoir.  

Energy Boosting Brain Health Supplements 

 Nature produces several remedies for fatigue, and many exist in the form of dietary supplements to conveniently aid in your daily cognitive function. These supplements work to combat your fatigue and help boost your energy levels: 

 Vitamin B12 – B12 plays an important role in your body’s ability to metabolize carbs, fats and proteins. This metabolization helps your body create energy, so low levels of B12 equals low energy levels.  

 Omega 3 – These fatty acids provide the body calories and, in turn, energy. They also increase the functionality of the heart, blood vessels, immune system and lungs.  

 Vitamin C – Vitamin C is one of the brain and memory power boost supplements that wears many hats. It is effective in boosting energy, positively affecting your heart rate, helping you lose weight, and making exercise easier.  

 Vitamin D – This vitamin supports your immune system and regulates the body’s levels of insulin. Not only does it increase your energy levels, but it also improves your mood! 

 Creatine – When it comes to producing ATP (the body’s most basic form of energy), creatine is the master. Its high levels of energy production also help with exercise, strength and muscle gaining.  

 Tyrosine – Tyrosine helps with lowering your levels of fatigue not by producing energy in the body, but by conserving its supply. Higher levels of tyrosine mean that you burn through your energy supply at a lower rate, helping you feel energized for increased durations of time. 

 DHEA – Deyhdroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is one of your body’s naturally occurring hormones. It comes from the adrenal gland and helps control your hormonal balance. DHEA is linked to your levels of fatigue, so low levels will increase your tiredness and higher levels will help you feel energized.  

 Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years and is revered for its medicinal properties. People have used it to support all bodily functions, but it is exceptionally effective at creating energy and calming down the nervous system. This combination of calming and energizing properties is what makes it one of the most popular natural energy boosters.  

 Iron – Iron is a component of red blood cells that binds with oxygen, carries it through the body, and converts it into energy.  

 Continuing the Fatigue Battle 

 As you try different brain health supplements to figure out which works best for you, keep track of which supplement you’re taking and how it makes you feel. Natural energy boosters can have an enormous impact on the amount of energy you have, so try to stay consistent with your schedule. Be sure to monitor your daily habits while beginning to construct a brain and memory power boost supplement schedule that feels best for you. Working on the patterns that you follow for sleep, exercising, and food consumption has just as big of an impact as any supplements you try out! We can give you more recommendations at 615-933-5188, so give us a call!