How does a patient decide between clear braces and other devices to straighten their teeth? There are many options because people have different preferences. Some patients don’t want their braces visible to others. Find out more about clear braces, and how to maintain them.

What Are Clear Braces, Exactly?

Clear braces can be used to straighten your teeth like traditional metal brackets. Learn how these braces work and what Byte Clear Aligners are.

Clear Braces Are More Attractive Than Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have metal brackets and wires. These can be adjusted over time to change the position of the teeth. For adults, the downside to traditional braces is that wires and brackets can be visible to others. You may not mind wearing braces for just a few months. However, if you have to wear braces for longer periods, it might be less noticeable. Clear braces may be an option.

Clear Braces Vs. Aligners

Clear braces provide a compromise between traditional braces as well as clear aligners. Because they don’t require wires and brackets, they can fit over your teeth in a similar way to plastic retainers. Aligners can straighten teeth but are not recommended for everyone. They also cannot correct severe malocclusions. Talk to your dentist if you are interested in clear braces.

Clear Braces Aftercare And Maintenance Tips

Clear braces are a great option if you are enthusiastic about the idea. You might assume that they will not change in color over time. Clear braces brackets are typically made out of ceramic or porcelain material. When you first get them they will look great. But, certain aspects of your daily life can cause color changes. You must maintain your oral hygiene and avoid eating foods that can cause discoloration.

  1. Regularly Brush And Floss

Braces make flossing difficult. But it’s worth the effort. To floss your teeth with braces, you can either use a water flosser or needle-and-thread flossing devices. Brushing your teeth as often as you can, especially after eating, will help clear braces and your teeth stay clean.

Discuss with your dentist whether you can use certain types of toothpaste, such as whitening rinses or pastes, during this time. Clear brackets will not work with this type of toothpaste.

  1. Watch Your Diet

Clear bracket discoloration is most commonly caused by patients refusing to eat foods that could stain or discolor their clear brackets. It is possible to remove the clear bracket bands but it is not possible to make the ceramic or porcelain brackets darker.

Avoid tomato sauces such as ketchup, mustard, and beets. Foods artificially dyed can alter the color of your clear braces. You might consider switching to another type if it bothers you that you cannot eat your favorite foods while you have your teeth straightened.

  1. Visit Your Dentist For Regular Cleanings

You should continue to brush and floss your teeth as well as regular cleanings. Many people don’t realize that braces can be cleared by dentists and dental hygienists. In most cases, the wires will need to be removed first before the dentist can perform a general exam and check the teeth.

Do not put off your cleanings or think that you will have to wait until the braces are removed before you can see your general dentist. Keep your teeth as healthy as possible to match the color and appearance of the clear brackets.


Before getting braces, you should consult a dentist. Your dentist will determine if clear braces suit your needs. They can help you keep your smile healthy while wearing braces.