You could be thinking about doing the job of cleaning your company’s outside windows on your own if you’ve just noticed that the dirt and grime that have collected on them over time make them look unpleasant. However, many business owners make errors when cleaning their own outdoor windows or using untrained window cleaners, which causes their windows to not seem clean after they have been washed, window damage, or even worker injuries. Continue reading to discover four blunders that amateur window cleaners frequently make.

Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Windows

Pressure washers are practical cleaning tools, but only trained experts should use them, and they should never be used to clean. These cleaning gadgets have the ability to project water that is so pressurized it can pierce human skin. Additionally, a pressure washer set at the incorrect pounds per square inch (psi) level has the potential to break the window you are cleaning or harm the window frames.

Last but not least, these cleaning instruments rarely leave the streak-free finish that is possible with conventional window washing methods because they can only spray water that has been mixed with cleaning agent onto a window and cannot remove it.

Cleaning Windows with Paper Towels or Newspaper

Many not trained window cleaners use their preferred cleaning solution to spray windows, then wipe it off with paper towels or paper to clean their windows at home. Paper towels and newspapers, however, are not the best materials for cleaning windows.

Contrary to popular belief, towels do not wipe as much dirt and grime with each wipe. In fact, some microfiber cloths may remove up to 100 times more debris each wipe than paper towels. Additionally, when used to clean windows, paper towels have a tendency to leave lint behind.

While recycled newspaper is generally more environmentally friendly and tends to leave less lint behind when used to clean windows, newspaper ink can unfortunately transfer onto window panes and other window surfaces the newspaper scrapes against.

Squeegees, a type of professional window-cleaning instrument, are rapid and effective at removing dirt and grime from windows without leaving behind streaks, lint, or ink.

Cleaning Window with Vinegar Instead of using a commercial window cleaning solution

Many inexperienced window washers make this error. While many surfaces and objects can be cleaned and disinfected with vinegar without endangering the planet, vinegar is acidic and can corrode specific materials.

Glass is usually not harmed by vinegar, but it can corrode a variety of rubber and metal materials, including rubber window sealing and metal window frames.

Instead of utilizing harsh window cleaning solutions or their natural equivalents, professional cleaners in Perth generally utilize a simple cleaning solution comprised of mild soap and water to clean windows.

Never try to clean the outside of a business window while standing on a ladder for the safety of both you and your staff.

When cleaning the exteriors of their windows, inexperienced window cleaners frequently make blunders that could harm their windows and frames and/or jeopardize their safety.

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