This guide will help you understand some of the common mistakes you need to avoid when buying supplies for a dental clinic.

The average dental practice spends about five percent of its revenue on dental clinic supplies Brisbane and equipment. The more patients your dental clinic serves, the greater the percentage of your revenue you will spend on the supplies. Making purchasing mistakes can impact the bottom line of your clinic. Mistakes can cost you a lot of money. They can also lead to compromised patient care and shortages. This guide will help you determine these common mistakes and avoid them.

Not buying on time

You do not have to wait until the last minute to buy supplies for your dental clinic. This will cause supply shortages which are bad for your business. You do not have to wait until you run out of supplies before placing an order. When you have shortages, you will not provide high-quality services for your patients. This could lead to unsatisfied patients. You could also lose your patients to your competitors if you do not have the necessary supplies and equipment to take care of your patients.

You need to know your inventory and how much stock you have at all times. You should train your employees on re-order points and help them know when they need to make an order. Another important factor that will help you avoid this mistake is the lead time. Lead time is the time it takes from when you place your order to when you get it. If you have more lead time, you should ensure you have a lot of supplies for the dental clinic at all times.

Not tracking the utilisation of your inventory

A lot of dental practices do not track supply utilisation. Your practice may track this but you rely on paper records or spreadsheets. Both of these issues lead to supply shortages. If you do not track the supplies you use in a given period, you will not know what to order and when to order. If you are just relying on paper records, you know what you have.

You can solve this problem by using inventory data to forecast demand. You should analyse this information to make projections and prescribe solutions for your inventory issues.

Sticking with the same brand

While brand loyalty is a great thing, it can mess you up at some point. In some cases, you need to shop around and find what other companies are offering. While you trust your supplier to deliver everything you order in time if you don’t have a backup plan you will be in trouble when your supplier fails you.

It is, therefore, crucial to be more flexible with brands and suppliers. Ask your competitors and representatives for recommendations or read online reviews.

Not considering the shipping thresholds

When comparing dental clinic supplies Brisbane vendors, the cost is an important factor. You do not want to pay more than the usual amount for your suppliers. Make sure you factor in the shipping costs and compare with other suppliers the total amount you are going to make for the supplies to ensure you don’t pay more than the market price.