DISM error 87 can often be triggered by users who try to run commands in their command prompt window. There are many reasons this error may be triggered. We have provided the latest fixes to get rid of this problem.

DISM Error 87

To ensure that you receive the error message in full satisfaction, make sure you follow the steps step-by-step. You should also read the explanations for the problem to fully understand the Dism error 87.

What causes the DISM Error 87 in Windows?

We have identified the main reasons for this error after doing some troubleshooting.

Automated Fix for PC Problems

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Admin Permissions We recommend that you launch the command line prompt with the admin permissions mentioned below.

Incorrect Command Format

Older OS: Sometimes, the DISM Error 87 can be caused by an old operating system. We recommend following these steps to update your operating system.

Bad Sectors: Your Harddisk device might have developed bad or corrupted sections over time, which could be triggering the DISM error 87. We recommend that you first try to eliminate all bad sectors from the device, and then test to see if this fixes the problem.

Windows Installation Damaged: An error message may be displayed if Windows is damaged. This can happen when you run commands in the DISM utility. We recommend that you check the registry for damaged drivers and files.

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We can now move forward with the implementation of the fixes after we have reviewed the main reasons for this error.