There is a vast range of ship repair and maintenance available from shipyards. Services like preventive or breakdown maintenance and power and equipment repair are now possible because of new maritime technologies and software. Cost-effective operations, particularly for cargo shipping, have been made possible by collaborations between enterprises across the value stream in the market for Ship Repair Company in UAE.

Dry docks and other repair facilities have advanced in large and small shipyards due to the global increase in fleet size. For the repair of ballast pipelines and tanks, sewerage, and Heat transfer fluids tanks, there has been a significant increase in the need for such facilities. Pandemic COVID-19 added to shipping delays and disruptions because of a weakened distribution network. However, the shipping company has produced a good rebound in the following months. China, Sri Lanka, and other Southeast Asian countries have seen their maritime trade volumes soar in recent months due to the resumption of normal business operations. Ship repair and ship maintenance services in UAE have seen an upsurge due to the rise in machinery breakdown services and repair operations.

Need for Ship Repair Company in UAE

The expenditures of shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance activities are enormous, and they need the use of many materials within the same manufacturing process. A construction project without proper planning is illogical, and any error made during the planning process will result in significant time, quality, and financial resource losses. Because of the restricted period available in ship repair and maintenance yards, planning at these facilities is more complex than new shipbuilding facilities.

A shipyard (sometimes known as a dockyard) is a facility dedicated to constructing and repairing ships. Yachts, military vessels, cruise liners, and other freight and passenger ships are examples of what is available. For example, dockyards are perhaps more closely associated with repair and base operations than shipyard, that are sometimes more closely associated with new ship construction activities. Ship building and ship repair encompasses the processes of designing, building, repairing, and maintaining ships. Ships require sturdy designs and ongoing maintenance and refurbishment operations to remain in good operating condition. Due to the continuing evolution of maritime operations’ technical, operational, and regulatory aspects, there is a pressing need to enhance understanding of current and developing difficulties in shipping and construction.

What we offer at Automech Marine in UAE?

We are the leading Ship Repair Company in UAE. Our modest workshop in Dubai was the starting point for Automech Marine’s existence in 1991. It has quickly developed into a state-of-the-art facility that provides diesel engines, transmissions, and generators throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

We carry out maintenance and repair service of all sizes. We can diagnose and repair more everyday problems and replace crankshafts, cylinder blocks, and even complete engines. We inspect, test, and refurbish the fuel system components, and we repair any damaged or worn parts. In addition, we carry out in-situ machining on a variety of features. Shortly put, we do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients experience the least amount of downtime possible.

And it makes no difference to us what size vessel we are working on. Our company provides engine maintenance and repair services for short marine ships and container carriers—onboard tankers and cruise ships, among other places. Fishing boats and dredgers are examples of commercial vessels. With a marine combustion engine, Automech Marine can handle any situation.

Industries Served by Automech Marine

Automech Marine serves the following industries:

  • Luxury yachts, private yachts, luxury boats, cruises
  • Ship repair, docking yard, shipbuilding, boat manufacturing
  • The offshore industry, offshore support vessels, tankers, dredgers, tugs
  • All other local automotive industries 

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