The nose plays a key role in making your face attractive. Rhinoplasty is the commonly performed facial feminization surgery and is mostly opted by both transgender women and cisgender women to get a proportionate nose shape. Rhinoplasty not only helps in making a face attractive by altering the shape and size of the nose according to the facial harmony but also helps in fixing the breathing issue. Rhinoplasty in India is performed by a renowned plastic and FFS surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang. Rhinoplasty surgery is less painful and is performed under general or local anesthesia. The surgical procedure of rhinoplasty is carried out by either of the two open and closed rhinoplasty approaches, which can result in varying rhinoplasty surgery costs in India. The advancement in technology allows the rhinoplasty patient to heal more quickly and get the expected results. Apart from rhinoplasty, chin feminization is also amongst the common procedure in facial feminization surgery. To know more about rhinoplasty cost in India, consult with the FFS surgeon Dr. Parag Telang today .


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