When it comes to craps, there is one universal truth. It’s a harsh reality that many craps players are unaware of, don’t care to be aware of, are aware of but refuse to articulate or incorporate it into their strategies, or simply ignore and pretend it has nothing to do with winning or losing, or, strangely enough, with them.

The harsh reality is that a player’s best chance of winning is to place the best bets in the game (of which there are only a few) because these bets will protect a player’s bankroll. Making the Crazy Crapper bets, as my mentor, the late Captain of Craps, called them, is the player’s worst chance of winning.

Because right-side players (those betting with the shooter) dominate craps, the number of right-side bets is astounding, tantalizing, and a waste of time and money.

Players despise it when gambling writers start throwing around math numbers, percentages, and probabilities – after all, why should players think in numbers in a country where most students struggle with math? Unfortunately, most people believe that “I didn’t use any of the geometry, algebra, or other math I learned in school.” They have no idea that math allows them to get in and out of cars, hit baseballs, make baskets in basketball, and judge how much water to use when cooking pasta. 사설 토토


Some clumsy craps players refer to other craps players who understand the game’s true mathematical nature as mathletes or math-ee-maniacs, but such critics are, to put it bluntly, poppies. The casino makes the majority of its money by exploiting players’ mistakes in betting strategies. Even the best bets have a house edge that must be overcome by players. It’s easier to jump over a 1.41-inch edge on the pass line than it is to jump over a one-foot four-inch-plus edge on the Any Seven, to use a track and field analogy.

When you go to a craps table and watch a game, you’ll notice that players are placing bets with a 16.67 percent house edge, such as the Any Seven, as well as bets with other double-digit edges. Such a player may win in a given session, but such sessions will be few and far between. Our Crazy Crapper has a much better chance of being ahead at the end of each session than the player who leaps that 1.41 percent edge on the pass line or come bet, or the player betting the don’t pass or don’t come bet. As I previously stated, this is a harsh reality. 사설 사이트 


Let me put it in monetary terms. If you wager $10 on the Any Seven, you can expect to lose $1.67. You can expect to lose 14 cents if you bet the pass line. Isn’t that a significant difference? These money adjustments can be made on any bet, but I’ll make it simple for you. Keep the house edge under 2% and you’ll have a good chance of winning. (In my book Casino Craps: Shoot to Win, I go over almost every crap bet.)

Craps players should also get rid of their superstitions, particularly the silly ideas that right bettors have about wrong bettors (known as Darksiders) and Darksiders’ ideas about the nature of the bets they are making.

Darksiders do not bring any evil magic with them that alters the game’s math. There’s no way to make magic happen at a craps table. A right side is up against a stable house edge, which is unlikely to change because some Darksiders are hoping for the seven to appear to end the shooter’s turn. The dark side must also understand that he is not playing the house’s game, as the house has a significant advantage over him. That, too, is beyond the power of magic.

There is no way to beat the house in the game of craps unless you learn how to control the dice. I know this is a harsh reality, but, to borrow a phrase, “the truth can set you free.” Don’t be fooled by the nonsense spread by many players.

Consider all those craps poppies moaning, groaning, yelling, whining, and complaining about what’s going on at the game when what’s going on is just a small random sample of a much larger random sample, which is also a small random sample of…you get the picture.

Craps players who place the best bets have the best odds of winning. That is not a difficult truth to grasp. Then we should all learn it.