Happy Hour can be a pleasant time for customers to break away after work and utilize some beverage and window offers that are beneficial for your bar or restaurant to make extra money and build a reputation. There is no need for much attempt to change what can be a calm time on the busiest day. With a little planning, your location can be a destination after work that helps people relax after a long day. Here are some things you can do to create a more interesting happy hour experience:

  1. Start with a plan

With a discount of some drinks and sitting back to see what happens is not a plan. Take some educated guesses about drinks and which dishes will bring the highest business volume and then track the results through your inventory bar system. With a lot of data, you will have a strong understanding of what is successful and what is not. Armed with information can help you make smart changes and implement successful plans. Take this data one step ahead and plan your happy hour menu based on slower sales stocks to increase sales on various items of this brand.

  1. Offer new dishes and drinks

Happy hour is the right time to help people experiment with drinks and food that they usually don’t order when they pay a full price. Discounts make them more likely to go outside their comfort zone. This can be a good way to promote lack of performing options (as mentioned above) or the choice of pricier on the menu. Once people have the opportunity to try something new, they will be more likely to order it in the future, even if they have to pay a full price.

  1. Enter some thoughts into the menu

Again, it depends on planning. Think about which partner of the food is the best with the drink you want to discount. Use the menu to suggest which options are the best together so that customers don’t need to think too much about their orders. You will be surprised how many more impulse orders made by customers when you give them a little guide.

This is also an ideal time to offer smaller appetite plates. Customers may only look for something to be fulfilled when they drink, so give them a choice that allows them to try bigger dishes without doing complete food.

  1. Change it

Happy hour is the right time to attract new customers, but you also want to make sure that you serve permanent visitors and encourage visits again. Be sure to change drinks and special foods at least every few weeks. You should also consider doing a daily theme. For example, Tuesday can be in the form of Taco and Tequila Specials, and Wednesday can offer wine offers. This will help you serve a wider audience and give visitors to a different experience that will not be old.

  1. Offer entertainment

Food and drink discounts will be enough to attract some customers, but some additional incentives don’t hurt. Karaoke, trivia, and even live music can add energy and help people recharge after a day at the office. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to turn on the atmosphere and give guests with disturbances that are welcomed.

There is no doubt that Happy Hour the Woodlands can be a cash cow for bars and restaurants. On average, the bar that offers Happy Hour gets 26% more revenue during those hours. This increase even extends to a smaller bar that usually tries to compete with larger companies. All that is needed is a little effort and planning to take advantage of this prime time and increase sales of Happy Hour while also winning over new customers.