Shri Amarnath Milk Foods’fundamental beliefs are our base. As an association, they are the core of the standards, thoughts, and convictions that we hold dear. They assist with setting the subject for our traditional culture and our image. Going about as a power of unification, they assist with welcoming all our inside partners in total agreement. At the same time,it fuels a familiar feeling of having a place and setting the association on a path of consistent advancement.

We are sustaining enduring connections in light of common trust. We have fabricated a warm and inviting work area that empowers our representatives to be OK with their environmental factors and consistently put in their best effort. Our supervisory crew effectively supports an entryway strategy to work with open and viable group correspondence and make the climate protected and amicable for all.

Our products:-

Milk Powder-Dry milk or milk powder or dairy whitener is acquired from the lack of hydration of milk and is normally as powder or granules. We are dairy product manufacturers and suppliers, and exporters.

Ghee – Wealthy in fragrance and surface, ghee encourages the body’s stomach-related fire, adding to better sustenance. Amarnath Cow Ghee involves excellent milk in the most sterile and safe circumstances to guarantee its virtue and quality. It fabricates resistance, keeps up with cholesterol, and helps in absorption. Margarine and ghee are greasy milk items.

Butter – Add cuts of bliss to your life! Amarnath Exemplary Butter is a new and velvety treat for your taste buds. Amarnath New Margarine is created under clean circumstances utilizing new healthy Amarnath Milk and goes through numerous quality tests to guarantee its good for you. Match it with bread, paratha, or bun; Amarnath margarine will make any food fun! Butter is one of the excellent dairy items to eat that enhances the taste of everything.

PANEER – Enjoy the delicate and healthy joy of Amarnath Paneer produced using new and unadulterated Amarnath Milk! Amarnath paneer is immaculate by hand to guarantee appropriate cleanliness, good flavor, and reliable well-being when it arrives at your kitchen. Flavorful, delicate, and flavorful, Amarnath Frozen Paneer upgrades your ordinary hand-crafted dinners with its luscious taste!

Milk and dairy regularly give close to 33% of our suggested calcium admissions; however, the nourishment given by dairy items goes far past calcium alone. A solitary glass of semi-skimmed milk gives protein, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, riboflavin, and pantothenic corrosive and a Gigantic 72 percent of our daily requirements for vitamin B12. The vitally dietary wellspring of B12 for vegans is dairy.

Together, the supplements in milk and dairy products help to:

  • Keep muscles, bones, nerves, teeth, skin, and vision sound
  • Discharge energy from food varieties and decrease sluggishness and exhaustion
  • Keep up with the sound pulse
  • Support typical development and mental health
  • What’s more, it even helps typical insusceptible working

That is great for a modest glass of milk! The UK Eatwell Guide suggests that milk and dairy items and their other options, structure part of a sound adjusted diet, and lower fat and lower sugar choices ought to be picked where conceivable.

Is it regular to eat dairy?

Almost every part of present-day human existence is unnatural, from our ways of life to our surroundings. For what reason should our weight control plans be an exemption? What do we think that after all, it’s mixed? Should we eat dairy items?

Be that as it may, we need to check our science to address how normal dairy is actual. People can create their own milk for their posterity, like some other well-evolved creature. In any case, they are ready to deliver milk until a specific point after birth (typically a year). The child will ultimately wean off its mom’s milk and drink other food items. The vast majority usually quit creating the stomach-related chemical answerable for separating milk sugar in adulthood (lactose bigotry). Thus, it tends to contend that dairy is unnatural for grown-ups as the vast majority can’t process it appropriately.

Why us:-

We assure you that we will serve you the best dairy product and milk foods in the market because we are original milk food suppliers and have been serving people for ages. We have one vision which is to give a natural and credible taste to individuals of India—giving new and unadulterated dairy items to the buyers.