If you are working in the marketing and communication industry chances are that your days sometimes are highly volatile, pulsating, and full of drama. The high-intensity job has extreme troughs and crests which is also why it is a difficult field to be in.

While there is a lot of creative satisfaction there also are times when you can feel absolutely saturated and unable to move forward.

If you have been working back-to-back demanding clients and projects it could be that you have been stretched too thin. Maybe you need to take a step back and deal with the burnout first before quitting or looking for a different role.


Here are a few tips that will be useful in dealing with this burnout –

1. Assess The Burnout

It is important that you fully understand your situation before coming to a sudden decision. You may be experiencing burnout or you may be just having a bad day at work.

How can you be sure that it’s burnout? If the negative feelings don’t go away in a day or a week and are persistent no matter what you do at work – it could be a serious sign of burnout. A general lack of energy and enthusiasm could also be a sign of burnout. It is important that you assess your situation fully and move accordingly.

2. Alleviate Stress Factors

Take a hard look at your daily routine. Are you taking good care of your mental health? Are you taking time out for something that feeds your soul? Music, cooking, art – it could be anything. If you’re under stress and are not taking steps to deal with that it could result in overall burnout.

If very important to maintain a healthy balance, proper diet, and an active lifestyle. The old adage – ‘all work and no play’, is still very relevant.

3. Open Communication

If you’re fairly certain that you are going through burnout and having a tough time it is extremely important that you have a clear dialogue with your manager. It is not good for you and neither for the organization if you’re overstressed and unproductive.

It will be far better to just have an open dialogue and explore some options like shifting responsibilities, changing projects, or even taking a short break.

4. Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

It is vital for you to learn from burnout. Make some changes in your lifestyle and keep it consistent. It is all about healthy, sustainable changes because if you go back to the old ways that caused the burnout then it will only become a vicious cycle.

Whatever it was that caused the stress, it needs to go for good. Learn, adapt, and sustain – this has to be your motto.

Burnout can often feel like the end of your career but it really doesn’t have to be. It is just a wake-up call for you to take a hard look at your lifestyle, your work, and your goals. Keep your wellness and health as the top priority and align everything else in accordance.

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