Know more about dental implants in Idaho Falls

Dental implants are more like natural teeth than prosthetics. A dental implant in Idaho Falls resembles a cylinder or screw and is an artificial root replacement for a lost tooth. Implants are made of titanium or another substance that is not harmful to the jawbone or gum tissue.

A titanium post is surgically placed just below the gum line in the jaw. This eliminates the need for the dentist to anchor new teeth or a bridge to the teeth on either side. The implant will merge with the jawbone, ensuring that any prosthetic teeth, dentures, or bridges attached to it will remain stable. To sustain an implant, you’ll need healthy gums and enough bone. A bone graft may be required if the bone is too soft or thin.

Two types of dental implants in Idaho Falls that we do are

Replacing a single tooth

The missing or fractured tooth is replaced with a small screw and a crown designed to fit your smile. The screw acts as a permanent root.

Bone Transplantation

A small incision in the gum is made to expose the underlying bone, and grafting material, processed bone minerals, and grafting material are applied to strengthen the area.

When you have to visit us?

Taylorview Dental in Idaho Falls can work with patients on dental implants even if the gums or jaw bone have been damaged. We use cutting-edge technology to eliminate bone grafting whenever possible.

We will assist you in better understanding how dental implants in Idaho Falls work, how long the operation will take, and what to expect when the procedure is completed.

How much does dental implants in Idaho Falls can cost you?

For those who need both single tooth replacement and whole mouth repair, dental implants might be immensely helpful. Dental implants in Idaho Falls can cost anywhere from $700 to $4500 per tooth. Its all depending on how many implants are needed and whether a dental bone graft is required. The more dental implants you require, the cheaper the cost per tooth.

If you live in Idaho and are concerned about the cost, know that we accept a range of insurance policies and will gladly work with your dental care provider to make it work for both of you. We understand the importance of having strong jawbones and teeth. Besides this we know the need of a technique that is both cost-effective and economical.

How long does the dental implants in Idaho Falls take place?

It’s worth noting that dental implant surgery can take many hours and involve multiple operations. As a result, anyone with a high risk of infection should think about whether or not this operation is good for them.

To maintain your teeth healthy and clean after dental surgery, follow your dentist’s grooming instructions. These instructions include brushing and flossing twice daily.


The advantages of dental implants in Idaho Falls over prostheses include a more natural way of eating and speaking. It will also eliminate of the need for dental repairs. Nonetheless, it is critical to see a dentist on a regular basis to maintain the health of your implants and to follow a daily oral hygiene practice that includes brushing and flossing twice a day.