Qatar is the place if you’re looking for desert activities for vacations in the Middle East. A country is known for its stunning desert scenery; one may enjoy desert activities like nowhere other. Qatar has everything, from the joys of dune bashing to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of desert safaris in its core. So when you plan to visit the Middle Eastern countries, Qatar is a must place to visit and experience its serenity.

Majestical Beauty of Qatar Desert

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  1. Inland Sea- Natural Reserves
  2. Bedouin Camp Stay in Desert
  3. Doha Desert – Hot Spot For Car Rides
  4. Mesaieed – For Relaxing Dinner

1.    Inland Sea- Natural Reserves

When seeking desert experiences in Qatar, a trip to the Inland Sea is necessary. The Inland Sea, also called the Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid, is a unique reserve recognised by UNESCO. It is located about 37 miles from the beautiful city of Doha. During high tides, it is a place where you would experience dunes meeting seashores. Qatar’s inland sea is among the most captivating attractions, noted for its breathtaking beauty. The crystalline beach, pure sea, and clean ambience make this destination popular with visitors.

2.    Bedouin Camp Stay in Desert

The Bedouin Camp is something you must experience. Among the best Qatar touris sites, it is an experience that allows you to spend a night in the desert, taste the best traditional Qatari foods, and enjoy local music around a bonfire. In addition, visitors may stay overnight while sitting back, relaxing, and gazing at the brilliant stars in the sky from the centre of a Bedouin Camp.

Qatar’s overnight desert adventures are frequently arranged along the island sea in the sealine region. The experience is enhanced further by holding musical evenings and dancing acts highlighting Arb tradition and its energy.

3.    Doha Desert – Hot Spot For Car Rides

It is impossible to visit Qatar and miss out on the genuine thrill of dune bashing. Desert safaris are the most famous adventures and tours for experiencing the vast country of dunes and are renowned as among the most prominent desert adventures in the Middle East, not just in Qatar. Therefore, it is a better spot to enjoy the thrill of dune bashing than the Doha desert. However, in reality, this is an activity that is not for the faint of heart.

The Doha desert, on the other hand, provides the ideal landscape for action and is a famous tourist destination among visitors to the city. Visitors are often picked up from their selected place in Doha and dropped off at the end of the activity. Try the most excellent adrenaline-pumping sports, such as dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel rides. There is no need to worry about logistics and trips to the dune bashing location.

4.     Mesaieed – For Relaxing Dinner

Mesaieed is a city in Qatar located to the south of Doha, where one may have a romantic supper night in the desert with their loved ones. It is one of the romantic places in Doha for couples and friends. It gives thrills of the desert with emotions and romantic experiences. You can enjoy midnight cuisine while walking on the sand and share your feelings with your loved ones.

One may order a complete package that includes a private vehicle and various extra services. Speaking about meals, the buffet comprises some of the finest and most delectable foods while you experience the nourishing flavour under the desert stars at night.


These relaxing and fun places in the desert offers visitor beauty of the nature. Moreover, it improves the idea of desert and creates a new image of deserted areas through these activities.