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Look at a list of monsoon basics for dogs to make your life as a dog parent a little modest. Then, buy a product that matches your requirements and enjoy pleasant walks and playtime with your pet. Dog raincoats, like raincoats for humans, are normally composed of water-resistant or waterproof material that helps keep dogs dry in a rainy climate. Some come with hoods, while others are just intended to keep your dog’s body safe. Lightweight dog raincoats come in various designs and with many features, including numerous closures and roles. Some raincoats include a simple poncho shape that goes around a dog’s neck but lacks sleeves to cover the dog’s limbs. Others are secured with a vest.

These, too, defend a dog’s back and torso while leaving the legs free. Dog raincoats with sleeves are also available, giving full-coverage safety. This collection of lightweight dog raincoats, on the other hand, may prove more upsetting to wear for your dog, and they may not enjoy the limitations of sleeves when walking. It’s vital to note that some dog breeds, primarily those having thick double coats and Labrador Retrievers, don’t need wet wear clothes. Nevertheless, there exists more than one reason why you might need to shop for dog raincoats for your pet.