It can be extremely stressful to deal with teeth alignment concerns. It doesn’t matter if the inside of your mouth has a crowding issue. It doesn’t matter if you have an overbite that’s hard to miss, either. High-quality orthodontic treatment can reverse all of your frustration. When you need Invisalign in Greenville, South Carolina, Summers Orthodontics can make you feel at ease. When you need braces in Greenville, this respected local practice can do the same. Summers Orthodontics is located in the heart of Greenville on East North Street.

Jeffrey C. Summers is the skilled orthodontist who steers the ship at Summers Orthodontics. That’s the reason the orthodontic office was named after him. He’s an Anchorage, Alaska native who used to be a serious ice hockey player. Dr. Summers graduated from Clemson University in Clemson. He studied mathematics and microbiology while at the institution. He also graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina, a prominent Charleston school. Dr. Summers is part of widely known professional groups such as the South Carolina Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the World Federation of Orthodontists, the Southern Association of Orthodontists and the Greenville Dental Society. Dr. Summers’ wife is called Mandy. They share four children. They are Adeline, Ellis-Jayne, Smith and Jefferson. The Summers family has many passions and pastimes. They love participating in outdoor activities. They love traveling and seeing new sights and sounds, too.

Patients at Summers Orthodontics can’t resist its incredible and diligent staff. Team members at this practice include clinical coordinator Angie, office manager Taffy, new patient coordinator Jillian, treatment coordinator Megan and appointment coordinator Tracey. The clinic’s dependable and efficient clinical assistants are Summer, Christina, Vicki and Christie. These employees all work together in harmony to make Summers Orthodontics the wonderful and enjoyable place it is for patients.

If you’re looking for five-star Invisalign Greenville, Dr. Summers and his team can help you. If you’re searching for A+ braces in Greenville, they can assist you all the same. This clinic specializes in all varieties of orthodontic procedures. It offers traditional braces that can help people with teeth alignment troubles. It offers Invisalign treatments that are great for teeth alignment correction purposes as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for self-ligating braces, metal braces, lingual braces or transparent braces. You can always lean on the dedicated team at Summers Orthodontics. This office welcomes patients from all age groups. If you’re an adult who is interested in braces, it can cater to you. If you’re a child or teenager who is interested in them, it can cater to you as well. Call Summers Orthodontics as soon as possible for further details and to reserve an appointment.

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