Telephone numbers have traditionally been private. In the past, most people had a private telephone number. Business owners had to hire extra staff to handle customer inquiries and bookings. With the introduction of digital technologies, it’s now possible for almost anyone to have a private telephone number. This is made possible by replacing traditional telephone numbers with virtual numbers

What is a virtual number?

Most private telephone numbers have been replaced by virtual numbers. Virtual numbers are unique internet addresses that represent a physical location. People can use their personal computers to access this address and make private or business phone calls. For example, someone with a computer in their office could call the number 123-456-7890 and speak with an employee at that location. Business owners can have multiple virtual telephone numbers at one physical address— this makes it easy to run multiple businesses from one physical location. Virtual numbers also allow businesses to have privacy by removing public phone numbers from public directories and online apps.  

Virtual numbers allow you: 

  1. Privacy: since each number represents a single physical location, there’s no way to hide or obscure one particular place from callers;
  2. More numbers at a physical address: since each number represents a single physical location, there’s no limit on how many different places can be called from one physical address; c) Multiple telephone numbers: since each number represents a single physical location, business owners can have as many different places as they wish at one physical address;

What is the masked number?

Using masked Numbers, businesses can have multiple telephone numbers at one physical address. In this scenario, there would be two separate masked phone numbers for the same physical address. This is useful for businesses with many locations or employees who travel frequently for work. It also helps reduce missed calls since there’s always a number available at each location. Businesses can also switch between different formats for their phone numbers such as voicemail or text message replies without changing hardware or software settings. 


 Telephone systems are rapidly changing with the advent of digital technology and portable devices like smartphones and tablets. Business owners who understand how telephone numbering works are ahead of the curve when it comes to handling customer inquiries and bookings via email or text message. Sparktg provides many such services in this sector all over the area.