Fireplaces look so aesthetic in homes, and they have become a necessary part of homes for warmth and relaxing ambiance in winters. Are you in the market to shop for fireplace products? If yes, it’s essential to know what types of fireplaces, whether you already have one or want to install one at your home. Learning all about the various fireplaces will also help you understand the issues before you contact a fireplace repair in Sacramento. In addition, you should know about the pros and cons of different types of fireplaces so that you can have the fireplace installed which is best for your home.

The various types of fireplaces found in homes are listed here.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are classic or traditional fireplaces that have been around for ages. People who love crackling fire types should go for wood-burning fireplaces.


  • Different types of scents on burning other woods

  • Looks aesthetic

  • Produce a good sound when wood burns

  • The burning of wood has a very relaxing scent


  • Not suitable for the environment

  • It needs more upkeep than other fireplaces

  • It takes time to get ignited

  • You will need a lot of wood every time

Electric Fireplaces

The good thing about choosing electric fireplaces is that they come in several models and styles.


  • Easy installation

  • An affordable way to add ambiance

  • It’s easy to clean


  • Don’t give off a pleasant scent as it comes from a wood-burning fireplace

  • Not up to the mark practically.

  • Some parts are non-serviceable

  • Shorter service life

Gas fireplaces

One of the reasons you might love gas fireplaces is that they don’t involve much cleanup. These types of fireplaces are burnt on natural gas.


  • A better alternative to wood-burning fireplaces

  • Easy conversion from wood fireplaces to gas fireplaces

  • Don’t require intensive cleaning

  • Safer for pets and children


  • Don’t give a pleasant and warm aroma like wood-burning fireplaces. 

  • It tends to be costlier than burning wood

  • Some gas fireplaces produce a foul odor

Ethanol-Burning Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are famous for their modern style amongst homeowners. If you need a lot of heat, choose ethanol-burning fireplaces. But, if you are looking better option, wood or gas burning should be selected.


  • Great for generating a lot of heat

  • Contemporary design

  • Clean

  • Most likes because they are easy to install

  • Sustainable option

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy to use

  • Affodable Installation


  • Cant replace your primary source of heat

  • Excessive heat generation

  • This type can be dangerous

All in all, adding a fireplace is a simple process. However, it would help if you decided which option suits your needs. After the fireplace installation, every fireplace needs maintenance. But wood-burning fireplaces work with chimneys. So, you will need to be regular with cleaning and maintenance of the duct and your fireplace. It is essential to clean and maintain your chimney used to vent out the heat by fireplace experts to prevent chimney fires.

It would also help if you regularly got your chimney and fireplace inspected by professionals to ensure a safe and hazard-free environment in your home.