Children entertainment is not something new as this concept is viable for time immemorial. We can trace back the oldest kid’s entertainment to 1908 where we have Fantasmagoria. Apart from it we have nickelodeon and cartoon network which in launched in 1992 officially. Forgetting the cartoon network february 7th 2008 this is one of the most popular platforms by Dish network in kid’s entertainment world. Here we will sail down through the cartoon network channel how it came into existence and what role dish network plays in making this channel popular. Here is a complete analysis on the history of cartoon network channel along with its significance. By the end you will be able to make a difference because cartoon network channel is too much popular as compared to other similar platforms.

Why cartoon network channel is too much popular amongst kids?

The reason why Cartoon network channel becomes too much popular is because of its content. Good quality cartoon shows were launched on the channel that caters the needs of all age groups of children. From toddlers to school goers everyone was able to find their interests on this channel. Apart from it there was no bar from parents to allow their kids to watch this channel owing to kid’s friendly content of it. So, these are the main reasons why cartoon network became the first most popular channel for children entertainment in the world. Almost every third kid was talking about this channel in the contemporary world. Colorful, creative and entertaining characters of the cartoon shows where another big reason why children were too much dedicated towards the shows relayed on cartoon network channel.

What was the idea behind brining cartoon network by Dish network?

The reason why dish network brings cartoon network channel is because of the lack of a good platform for them same. Although this is not the first kids’ entertainment platform, but it was a well-managed platform for entertaining the children.  It was totally and fully dedicated towards the recreation of children which make this venture too much popular across the globe. People used to show a huge enthusiasm to explore the content on this channel. Owing to limited means of entertainment this channel cut huge dash amongst the fans. Even parents were too watching the shows along with their kids which strengthen their bond. They become able to understand the psychology of the children through these shows. So, bringing excusive platform for kid’s entertainment was the lone purpose of dish network to bring cartoon network channel.

Is it safe for children to watch cartoon network?

Well, it comes to the safety of the children to allow them to watch cartoon network, it is totally safe when we gaze at the content. There was a misfortunate incident that happened on February 7th, 2002, on this channel when offensive content was relayed on the channel in wee hours. But we cannot ignore this platform just for one single misfortunate incident. It is very common to commit mistakes for each one of us and so was the case with cartoon network too. So yes, we can assure the safety of this platform for our kids to explore entertainment content on cartoon network. Make sure that you do not allow your child to explore the television for a long time. It can separate him from other activities which are important and can affect eyesight too. Apart from it you can remain out of worry to allow your child to access cartoon network for entertainment cause.

Is cartoon network channel is the first platform for kids’ entertainment?

Cartoon network channel is not the only one and first platform where kids can watch cartoon shows. Prior to it there were many other channels or platforms that we had for the children. The main difference is that it is exclusively dedicated to kids and all the content that platform rely on its side is totally kids friendly. That is something very special and luring for the children to explore. More the shows relayed on the cartoon networks are very creative and eye catching which are created by keeping the psychology of the kids in mind. This is another big factor for the too big popularity of this platform.


So, we can conclude to a point that Dish network brings cartoon network channel for kids. It became one of the most popular entertainment platforms for children owing to child friendly content available for all age groups. The channel was very dear for children owing to back-to-back cartoon shows that were relayed on it. Earlier the channels which were dedicated to the kid’s entertainment used to have handful to cartoon shows. But this is not the case with cartoon network. This platform gives huge count of cartoon shows for kids and that is too age specific.