If you want the onlookers to be dazzled and enticed by your wedding band, ensure it by settling for a micro pave wedding band. Remember that micro pave is typically a very small-sized diamond, far less than 0.10-carat size. You will not be able to wow the crowd by using a single diamond. Instead, the micro pave band refers to the setting; and not the diamonds themselves.

You can use the setting to accentuate a larger center stone created out of a stunning gemstone. However, there is usually no center stone in a wedding band. Feel free to add as many micro pave diamonds to the setting as possible to create an illusion of pure light encircling your finger.

Be fastidious about using at least 50 micro pave diamonds, but you can safely go up to 100 or more if money is not that important.

The outcome should be a set of sparkling stones with no part of the metal band revealed. Sure, such a wedding band may prove to be far more expensive than other styles, but the result is justified and adds to the pleasure of the wearer and viewers alike.

The secret of Micro Pave setting

It is not a closely guarded secret but one obvious to the gemologists and jewelers! Yet, you would be surprised to know the hard labor spent crafting a small wedding band that holds micro pave diamonds.

The highly skilled craftsmen are methodical about placing each tiny diamond into the carefully drilled hole on the metal band. Not a single stone remains out of place when skilled workers create the wedding band. You may opt for a wedding band with a single line or double lines of micro pave diamonds to shape the entire wedding band. However, many users prefer to go for the half wedding band where the top half of the wedding band contains tiny diamonds.

Reasons to select a micro pave setting wedding band

Apart from creating an illusion of light encircling your finger, you may want to order a Micro pave wedding band when you are eager to: –

  • Flaunt a dainty and delicate wedding band with no metal being visible
  • More skin is exposed apart from the diamonds that are certain to photograph well.
  • You can always reuse the diamonds in other jewelry years later
  • You can also use the micro pave band with a brilliant center stone or compliment a halo setting and a three-stone ring.
  • You can wear your engagement ring by stacking it with the wedding band.

This type of setting is popular, and that means you would not have to wait endlessly to find the right one. You will be able to choose between vintage and contemporary styles when you are eager to show off multiple tiny diamonds on your wedding band.

Where should you buy a micro pave wedding band?

It is imperative to check the credentials of the jeweler before you invest in an exquisite micro pave wedding band. Be clear about the specifications and insist on a warranty and/or GIA / AGS certificate.