We look for success stories to inspire us to take action and chase our dreams. This is exactly what this article is all about. Let us look into Adam J Clarke, Macropay’s Founder & CEO, and his inspiring success story. 

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From Humble Beginnings

Mental health issues are no bar to success. In fact, as proven by Adam J Clarke‘s story of creativity and innovation with his ADHD diagnosis. There can be great advantages in terms of perspective. Thinking outside traditional boundaries allows one to come up with creative solutions for any business challenge they may face!

Adam started out as a sales champion at the young age of 16. He outperformed hundreds of adults in his company. He did not waste this confidence boost and aspired for bigger things, namely, his own company. 

In his early 20s, he secured enough capital to launch his own company. Macropay’s success story began when the initial team was assembled. At present, Macropays has operations in its HQ country of Romania as well as Malta and UK branches.


A Successful Start-Up Founder 

Many have doubted Adam J Clarke, especially in the beginning. Starting a FinTech in the tech boom era is a big risk. You have to offer something different to stand out. 

His unshakeable obsession to succeed has always been a key asset for Adam. His knowledge in scaling sales processes increased his chances of succeeding in the world of business. 

When you work hard, success is more than just probable. Adam knew this truth all too well. He had been working his tail off to build up Macropay and is now reaping the benefits of his hard work.

Macropay has been able to grow from a small company into an international business with offices all over. They started out in Romania and now have operations in Britain & Malta – while still maintaining their focus on developing new opportunities abroad!

The FinTech is unstoppable. Currently at an all-time high, their Open Banking technology has been updated to double profits compared with last years’ numbers! It’s hard not to be interested in this company; their relentless drive towards innovation knows no bounds.

Important Words from Adam J Clarke

We often ponder which decisions we should take to succeed. The question “What are successful entrepreneurs doing right?” often crosses the minds of those dreaming of the entrepreneur life.

You may think that being your own boss is an opportunity only available to those with plenty of experience, but Adam J Clarke says it doesn’t have to be. He advises that “You should not believe that the entrepreneurs you look up to are different from you. The only difference is the ability to handle failure and rejection at an incredible rate. Standing up again after getting knocked over by failure is the most important part of being an entrepreneur.

Adam further emphasizes his point by quoting Les Brown, “It’s not over until you win.

To know more about Adam J Clarke and his successful Fintech, Macropay, visit www.macropay.net