Learning the skills to drive a stick shift is just like learning to ride a bicycle, in the beginning, it seems very difficult, but once you hold a good command, the driving skills will remain there for life long. Drive a manual or drive stick both are the same- many people hesitate to learn a manual transmission, or stick shift, probably because of having the gears all shifted manually. Manual driving allows you to drive any automobile regardless of whether it is automatic or manual.

There are plenty of well-founded driving schools offering Manual Driving Lessons in Slough. The well-structured driving lessons offered by them will help you pass the test in fewer attempts. Don’t think further, start learning today with top-quality driving lessons in Slough.

The well-trained instructor will make you learn every skill with some easy steps for driving a manual car or stick shift. These easy steps are as follows: –

  • Get familiar with different pedals (Clutch, Brake, and Accelerator)
  • Understand the gear shifter/gear lever
  • Start the car
  • Push in the clutch
  • Put the car in first gear
  • Let off the brake-Foot/Hand brake
  • Release the clutch and push on the throttle
  • Shift the gear to second and so on- from lower to higher
  • Downshifting of gears- from higher to lower
  • For reversing the car shift the gear to reverse.

The driving lessons in Slough are designed to make sure that you learn safe driving and be confident enough to pass your test, including-

  • Signals
  • Safety checks
  • Intersections and roundabouts
  • Parallel parking
  • Risk awareness
  • Emergency stop
  • Use of satellite navigation

One of the essential decisions that many new learners must make is to decide which one they should opt automatic or manual. Both have benefits, automatics are easier to maneuver in comparison with manual ones is the only reason why some choose automatics.

There are several benefits to learning to drive a manual car or stick shift. Still, you can keep a few things in mind before making any decisions-


  • If you pass your test in a manual one, you can drive an automatic one with no worries but if the case is reversed, you cannot touch the manual, you are restricted to driving only automatic cars. So, choose wisely.
  • Manual driving gives you a better understanding of your car, it always gives you full control.
  • Being able to drive a manual may save you a lot of money on fuel when you start from scratch.
  • Manual cars generally require less maintenance.

Your rigorous practice turns you out to be more skillful. While learning driving skills, the instructor keeps an eye on your progress and always gives feedback with exact judgment. An abled instructor should always be encouraging and calm to make you learn throughout the manual driving lessons in Slough.

Many people suggest driving a stick is more fun. Every person who owns a manual car admiresmanual cars the most- it’s more pleasurable in fact. Start learning the manual, pass your exam, get your full license in hand, and eventually enjoy driving throughout life.