If you roam around any household in the 21st century it’s very common to figure out various electronic and electrical appliances. There may be a certain time limit either it stops working or it may turn out to be out-modeled in the current market. So there arises a need to get rid of those electrical or electronic appliances to save space that got filled up by them.

What is E-waste?

E-waste is most common than you think well Electronic waste or e-waste is unworkable electronic devices or electric devices. E wastes are electric waste that is recyclable, reusable, refurbishment, or resalable for some amount.  If all the methods are not possible it’s best to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

What are all included in E-waste?

  • Precious and non-ferrous metals,
  • Glasses
  • Alloy
  • ceramics,
  • Polymers(With toxic content)
  • Pigments, fillers, and stabilizers.
  • Refrigerators, fans, TV, etc.
  • Electrical and Electrical tools (Drillers).
  • Medical and monitoring devices.
  • Computers, laptops, mobile phones.
  • Gas discharge, incandescent bulbs.
  • Musical instruments, video, and audio equipment.


These are some of the E-waste materials.


What is E-waste management?

Disposal or recycling of E-waste like those above-mentioned grade materials such as electrical and electronic wastes in an environment-friendly way or applying your conscience while purchasing consumer goods with the environmentally friendly labels is known as E-waste management.


Ways to manage E-waste:

  1. Recycle or reuse.
  2. Be a good consumer
  3. Check for environmentally friendly labels while buying any products.
  4. Segregate useful scraps from E-waste and search for the best scrap buyer to sell those and make an ample amount out of them.
  5. Pass information and knowledge about E-waste management to the next generation.


These are some ways that you can explore to manage E-waste effectively.


How to make a profit from E-waste?

E-waste also comes under scrap materials which means that served its purpose and is in the category of disposable or re-usable. Scrap materials also have the same definition but E-waste comes under the category of Electrical and Electronic scraps.

There are certain ways to earn profit from your E-waste scraps

  1. By identifying the type of scrap material.
  2. Try to figure out the best scrap buyer in your vicinity.
  3. Try to negotiate at best and sell your scrap.


By identifying the type of scrap material:

Identify the type of scrap material from E-waste that are common around your home like AC scrap, fan scrap, refrigerator scraps, etc.

All electronic and electrical appliances are surely composed of winding coils, especially fans and AC. Those coils are normally made up of copper materials. For example, if you want to sell out your unworkable AC scrap there you can try to figure out those materials from which your Air conditioners are done like copper winding as copper has both heating and electrical conductivity properties normally it can be found in all most all electrical appliances.AC scrap also contains a plastic cover that can also be sold as scrap. Air conditioner scrap also consists of refrigerant, and expansion value (made of stainless alloy or nickel alloy) so those can also be sold separately. So as a first step it’s very crucial to identify the type of scrap materials in your E-waste.



Try to figure out the best scrap buyer in your vicinity:

After you identify your scrap material within your E-waste scrap next process would be figuring out the best scrap buyer around your vicinity.

For an illustration, just consider you want to get rid of your electric scrap material like Air conditioner scrap material and your vicinity is around Chennai. Just search for an Air conditioner scrap buyer in Chennai or an Ac scrap dealer in Chennai either through your known persons around your vicinity.

Or you can scan through social media pages and explore customer experience there, just make sure the service is trustable, especially in terms of quick ability in money distribution or you can search through online search engines like Google, or Yahoo by utilizing or typing the phrase as “Ac scrap buyer in Chennai “or “Ac scrap dealer in Chennai” and check out options and customer reviews and price offerings which is very significant. You can also use OLX, IndiaMART, or other classified sites to sell your scrap.


Try to negotiate at best and sell your scrap:

After reaching your designated scrap buyer to sell your scrap. Go for negotiation if possible because “Everything runs on the economy in this Priceful world”. For example, if you found the best Air conditioner scrap buyer around your vicinity as the next process try to accumulate value for your Air conditioner scrap material by undergoing a rigorous negotiation process use all your communication skills and marketing skills if you possess some and sell your scrap at the best price.