To play Easter games with children, you’ll need some plastic eggs and some tape. You can fill the eggs with popcorn kernels or other weight to make them heavier. Then, have kids line up to throw the eggs into the basket. If you want to increase the challenge, swing the basket back and forth. The more eggs you get in, the harder it is to catch them.
Relay race

This classic Easter game involves two teams of children, with one child on each team carrying a plastic egg. The first racer must race to the endpoint and hand off the egg to the next team member, who must do the same. If one team member drops the egg, the other team member must run back to the starting line and try again.

Relay games are fun for children of all ages. They can be one pass or multiple passes. One version requires the children to carry an object, such as a beach bag. In a second variation, the children must sit on a chair, grab the object, and run to the next team member. The first team to cross the finish line wins.
I Spy game

An I Spy game for Easter is a great way to get your children engaged in the holiday. The simple game has many uses and can be used by children of all ages. For example, it can be played to reinforce counting skills. It can also be used to encourage creativity. To play the game, you can print out an Easter I Spy printable game.

You can print out the free printable Easter I Spy sheet from the bottom of the page. This printable is suitable for children of all ages, and is easy to play. It teaches counting skills and visual scanning. You can use this game to encourage your child to think about where the egg is hidden, and where they need to find it.
Relay race with jellybeans

Jellybeans make a great choice for an Easter game. To create this jelly bean race, you will need two jelly bean baskets and two teams. Each player will have a spoon and a bag of jelly beans to scoop out jellybeans. The next player in line will dump the jellybeans into the empty basket. Then, the process repeats.

Jellybeans can be used in a number of other games, including a race. One activity is to build a tower with jellybeans in it. To make this game even more fun, use four egg-shaped paper towel tubes. Each player will be given a timer, and each team will compete to find the most jellybeans in the race.
Relay race with straws

This fun activity is a fun way to engage children in physical activity. You can use masking tape to create a starting and finishing line. Make sure to place the goals about 15 feet apart. Each team member will receive a straw and try to get the plastic egg across the finish line. The first player to do this will win.

This game can also be played outside. Just make sure to mark the start and finish lines in grass. You can also use plastic easter egg hunt game instead of real ones. Before you play, divide the children into two teams. Have each team line up behind the starting line, with two racers in each team. The first player should hold an egg and a spoon, which the other player must pick up with a spoon.
Relay race with tic tac toe

The classic game of Tic Tac Toe is a great game to play at Easter. This game is best played with a large group of people in teams of two or more. Players must make sure to get 3 of a kind in a row. You can also play it in a relay fashion, with two teams starting off together in a race to complete the game. Make sure to choose a large area to play the game so that everyone can have enough room to play it.

You can also print out Easter Minute-To-Win-It Games to play with the whole family. These games are quick and easy to play. For example, you can play Relay Race with Tic Tac Toe and pin the tail on the donkey. These games can be played both inside and outside.