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What is the study of?

Economics is a branch of the social sciences in which we talk about how wealth is made, used, and shared. People also call economics “the queen of the social sciences.”

The basics of economics

Economics is a broad field with many different ideas. Here, we talk about four of the most important ideas in economics. These ideas are helpful for understanding economics and putting them to use when making decisions.

Scarcity, Supply and Demand, Costs and Benefits, and Incentives are the four terms.


Scarcity is a term that everyone knows and has seen in their own lives. Scarcity means having a lot of needs but not enough resources to meet them. So, how do you divide up these resources so that at least the most important goals are met?

Providers and customers:

These are also important terms in the way markets work. When people want more of something on the market, the price of that something will also go up. On the other hand, prices will go down when there is more supply than demand.

Costs and advantages:

Economics helps you decide what to do by looking at the costs and benefits. You look at how much something costs and buy it if it is as useful as it costs.


Incentives or rewards are the most important things in the lives of all people. You already know that if you get paid for something, you work harder at it. In economics, when consumers raise prices or ask for more goods, incentives push producers to make better goods.

Different kinds of economics

There are two main branches of economics.

  • Microeconomic
  • Macroeconomic

What is Microeconomics?

Microeconomics is the part of economics that looks at how things like farmers, consumers, traders, and business firms act on their own. The main ideas in microeconomics are the theory of production, the theory of incentives and behavior, the theory of utility, and the theory of prices.

Help with microeconomics homework

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What is big-picture economics?

Macroeconomics is the part of economics that looks at the whole economy, the market, and other systems that work on a large scale. Macroeconomics is concerned with national output, inflation, and unemployment, which are the three biggest issues. Macroeconomics is the bigger field, but Economic Growth and Business Cycle is the main area of study in microeconomics.

Help with Macroeconomics Homework

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