How to Make Your Girl Happy on Bed

You’re constantly worried that lately he doesn’t seem as passionate about your company as he used to be, you should let him go and start looking for answers. For starters, understand that making a girl happy is more about the brain, that is. emotional gratification, in addition to the usual ingredients such as making intimacy more enjoyable. You have to make sure that you awaken him, satisfy him, and make him hungry for more intellectual and sexual things. Dream Night Call Girls can help you figure out how to approach this somewhat tricky niche:

Be Careful

Yes, most women talk a lot and your boyfriend can’t stop gossiping either. They have developed a kind of mental immunity to what he has to say, usually ignoring the subtle details and cues that may be hidden in his rambling ramblings. Try to be more alert and pick up on those signals. It can indicate things that are missing in your relationship. If you listen carefully, you may learn more about them, including their personality traits and interests. This gives you more reason to talk, steers your conversation more toward his interests, and portrays you as a genuinely caring boyfriend. Most wives are flattered when their husbands tend to remember the smaller things and engage in the pursuit of deeper interests. seems trivial.

Be Random, Unpredictable

Women like men with a bit of mystery and surprise. You don’t have to turn into a stuntman to satisfy your appetite for surprises. Just do normal things differently. For example, you can offer to take a yoga or swimming class

together or on a sports bike tour. Offer to teach him to drive if he seems afraid to get behind the wheel, or comes up with a completely unexpected gift for him. Invite her to a unisex salon where you can get both strands of the same color.

The idea is to kill the monotony in the relationship to make sure your girl is happy. Forget email and texting with him. Instead, try a plain letter to express your love.

Care More

Women are said to be born with maternal instincts and are naturally more nurturing than men. True, but that doesn’t mean he has to look after you while you relax and enjoy being taken care of – accept the challenge and turn around

role for several days. The point here is not to pamper them more but to take care of them where you need to pay attention to their smallest needs and be more compassionate. For example, if she complains of a headache, gently massage her shoulder or head. tell yours

friend that you will accompany him to his next dentist appointment. Look for couples’ packages at spas and wellness centers and let him know you’re doing it because you’re constantly worried he’s overworked or stressed.

He Gave up on What he Longed for

Your friend may be happy, but you limit her freedom to the point where she feels a little suffocated and unhappy about it. Here you have more to customize. Give him more time for his friends. If that means checking his schedule less frequently and not constantly asking him where he is, then just go for it. Any relationship that limits being too restrictive won’t last long.

Never Stop Experimenting on Bed

When the two of you have reached a deep level of intimacy, sex may become too predictable to satisfy your partner. The best approach to this is to have a teenager mentality to explore what else you can do. For example, watch porn together and write down sex positions you can try. You should understand that the sensitivity of the body and the level of arousal achieved may decrease over time if the same positions and points are repeated. Try to find and role-play topics that interest you both. Sometimes couples who get a decent amount of sleep tend to lose focus on how the trivial things in life can also become erotic.

This includes being naughty at the movies, catching a kiss in the parking lot, or teasing (and secretly) groping him in the elevator. The idea is to keep adding a new dimension to your intimacy when things seem to be getting a little boring for both of you. If you’ve been the dominant partner, let him take over the bedroom for a few weeks.


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