The current market is glutted with cupcake boxes. One can easily find countless factories providing different types of boxes at economical prices.  Many companies like to give their products special finishing that makes them unique and more effective in grabbing customers’ attention.  Box manufacturers mostly use corrugated material for manufacturing quality boxes; however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot manufacture boxes made up of recycled or recyclable paper pulp.

Cupcakes are a popular baked good, so cupcake boxes should be an important part of your bakery business. It’s important to know how to design and decorate cupcake boxes that will stand out and invite customers to take notice. 

Here we offer 7 tips on designing your own cupcake box for maximum marketing exposure:

1.) Use Personalized Printing Services

The best way to make sure that customers remember you is by having personalized printing services print the name of your bakery, store hours, location information and much more right on the side of the cupcake box. The more information you can provide about your bakery in such a small area, the better! If possible, choose cupcake boxes made from 100% recycled products to build your green business image.

2.) Make Your Boxes Uniquely-Shaped or Tinted for Visual Interest

As you can see in the example above, adding an interesting shape (in this case, the heart) is a great way to make your cupcake box stand out on any store shelf. Bakers often tint their cupcake boxes with bright colours that match or complement their branding or marketing images. If they do not have branding images yet, they might consider using decorating techniques like stencilling, decals and stamps to give them unique visual appeal.

You might also want to consider tinting your cupcake boxes depending on what kind of baked goods will be stored inside. If you plan to store cupcakes, tinting the box pink or another light colour will be a good idea.

3.) Use Promotional Offer Codes

Customers have become accustomed to promotional offers in all types of industries. This is especially true in retail, where more and more businesses use coupons, free shipping offers, discounts on next orders and special event promotions to bring customers back into their stores. 

4.) Make Sure Cupcakes Can Be Seen Through the Box

If you are designing cupcake boxes, you must ensure that your customers can see at least some of your delicious baked goods through the window on the top of the box! This will help them to know what’s inside and can also be a great way to attract attention. 

5.) Make Your Cups Clearly Visible

As with ensuring that customers can see inside your box, it’s also essential to make things like cups and cake boards that hold your cupcakes very visible. This is one of the most important marketing aspects of a cupcake box, so don’t forget about it! Since those delicious treats on baking cups and cake boards can be seen through the window on top of your cupcake boxes, make sure they’re printed with clear, bold lettering and designs or even stickers showing your store’s name or logo.

6.) Allow For Viewing of Your Cupcakes Before Purchase

When designing cupcake boxes, you should always keep customer convenience in mind first and foremost. Customers like to know what kind of baked goods they are buying before making their purchase because no one likes to receive an empty box or get home with something different than what they thought they were buying.

7.) Make Them Stackable

You might also want to consider making your cupcake boxes stackable so that they are easy to store and ship without taking up too much room. You can purchase pre-made inserts for stacking purposes or even use foam sheets with adhesive backing to stick them together.