We are frequently asked, “Can engineered hardwood floors be refinished?” The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should consider before proceeding. So before renting a floor sander, let’s talk about what we need to know before going for engineered hardwood floor refinishing.

What exactly are engineered hardwood floors?

Let’s first discuss what engineered hardwood floors are in detail before going over the specifics of refinishing them. Engineered hardwood floors are an excellent substitute for solid hardwood. It has the same look and style as solid wood, but it provides more stability due to its construction. You can choose an engineered hardwood floor with wider planks that fit your home without worrying about its durability. Also, you can choose from a wide range of wood stains and surface effects. Since it’s made of solid wood, proper care and refinishing are needed to maintain its durability and aesthetic appeal. 

How to carry out engineered hardwood floor refinishing

Refinishing can bring back your floor’s original look. This is often done after sanding the floors and is based on how thick the wear layer is. If the wear layer on your engineered hardwood floors is thick, refinishing is your best option. You might be able to refinish your flooring up to three times if the wear layer is at least 3 mm thick. A thin wear layer can be damaged by repeated refinishing. The thinner your wear layer, the fewer times you should refinish it.

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