There’s nothing more fun and exciting than travelling to new places, experiencing new cultures and generally growing as a person in the process. However, travelling can be extremely stressful and exhausting, due to many unforeseen circumstances, such as delayed flights, for example. 

But even without these inconveniences, going on a trip can take a toll on one’s body and mind if one has a pre-existing medical condition. So here are some helpful tips that will show you how to reap the benefits of travel when you’re suffering from a chronic illness. 

Make sure you have your medications on you 

This is the first thing that you need to do if you want to have a carefree trip. Of course, if you have a debilitating health issue, then you’re aware of this fact already. But, it’s also important to have your prescriptions refilled, so you can make sure that your meds will last you throughout the trip. 

Also, if possible translate all your doctor’s notes, so you can easily explain your issue if you happen to see a doctor while abroad. If you’re flying, be sure to pack your medications according to airport instructions, so you’ll be able to sail smoothly through the airport security checks. 

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Be prepared for emergencies 

Unfortunately, the reality of living with a pre-existing medical issue, means you have to be prepared for emergencies. Hence, if you have a trusted medical professional you’re close with, then be sure to have them on your speed dial in case you need help or advice. Also, it is important to find out all the emergency numbers in the place you’re staying. 

Also, be sure to bring all the important things you might need while travelling. Taking precautions means you have to be ready to act in case there’s an issue that needs immediate medical attention. If you’re travelling alone, then this is crucial to do. And if you’re travelling with friends, then it’s essential to inform them about your health, so they’ll be able to act accordingly in case you need help. 

Research your destination 

If you’re planning to enjoy your trip to the maximum, then it’s crucial to research your destination. Whether you’re flying to some paradise beach resort or a ski destination, you should look into local medical services, suitable restaurants, popular foods and weather conditions beforehand. These are all important things you should be familiar with if you’re travelling with a pre-existing medical condition. 

Also, if you’re wheelchair-bound, then it’s important to research whether your destination is disability-friendly, as that can make things much easier for you. The more you know, the better and more confident you’ll feel as a traveller. 

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Before you depart, find the best health service providers at your destination 

Your research shouldn’t only revolve around restaurants and disability ramps. If you’re suffering from a serious chronic health issue that requires immediate attention, then you should make sure that there’s a suitable health service provider that you can contact in case of an emergency. 

For example, if you have serious and constant kidney issues, then and in that case, it is critical to choose the best clinic for dialysis. Your health should always come first, which is why researching available healthcare providers can help you depart feeling safe and carefree. 

Get the best travel health insurance 

Health insurance helps you stay covered no matter where you go. This means that, even if you go through a health emergency abroad, your healthcare costs will be taken care of. So, be sure to get the best travel insurance that suits your budget. Make sure you shop around and compare policies until you find the best solution that also covers your particular illness or medical condition. 

Never leave your house, let alone a country without an all-encompassing travel health insurance. If necessary, contact customer support and try to negotiate the best terms that apply to your specific condition. 

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Keep yourself properly nourished and hydrated 

Going on a trip means you’ll probably party to a degree, maybe drink some alcohol or go clubbing. This is all fine if you enjoy it, but remember that this lifestyle can also be dangerous if you’re dealing with lifelong health issues. 

Therefore, be sure to keep yourself properly hydrated and nourished at all times. Changing countries or continents can be stressful for your body. In that case, the best remedy is to eat healthy and nourishing meals and drink enough water, especially if you’re travelling to a hot and humid climate. 

Wrapping up 

These tips will help you make the most out of your travels if you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition. As long as you’re informed, prepared and equipped with all the medicines, you’ll be able to have fun, regardless of your health condition.