Find out the ways Instagram prioritises people in your Stories ‘ viewers section. You can also learn ways to increase your sales and reach by using Instagram Stories.

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In this post we will show you how you can access your Story viewers’ list, how to understand it, and how to use it to boost sale and increase your reach.


How do you think Instagram determine the number of Story Viewers?

We can also help with that!

Plus, we show you how to attract more people to your Stories to increase your reach and increase sales.

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What Are Instagram Story Viewers?

Story viewers is a list of Instagram Story viewers who have seen your Instagram Story.

It includes the total number of viewers that have been able to view your Story as well as the user names of every person who has seen your Story.

The total number of views on this listing includes replays. So you might see more views than users.

How Can You Access Story Viewers?

To open Story viewers of an actively published Story you need to open it on Instagram and swipe up.

To gain access to Story viewers for 24 hours following the time it’s unpublished:

Select the “Profile” icon or

Your profile photo.

Tap on the hamburger menu.

Tap Archive.

Scroll to your story.

Click the Story to play, then swipe up.

How Long Will Story Viewers Be for?

Your list of readers is only available for 48-hours after you publish your Story.

Be aware that stories remain in a state of flux -they are gone for within 24 hours of publishing them, which means your list of readers remains open for another 24 hours after they unpublish.


The Stories viewer list isn’t public, so only the members of your team are able to view it.

You can make Stories last for longer than 24 hours simply by adding them to your profile to be Highlights.

Here’s how you can convert your Instagram Story to a Highlight:

Select on the “+” sign located in highlights on the profile, or, if there’s no “+” sign Tap Story Highlights

Select the Story you want to add

Select a cover image and enter a name for your Story

Tip: Keep your Highlights titles short and descriptive, and use icons or chosen photos to create Your Highlights covers.

You can find out more about ways to utilize Highlights to your brand’s advantage within the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories Highlights.

To continue to increase your Story’s engagement, reach, and conversions Make sure to make sure to publish Stories often. Because Stories last only 24 hours, publishing new stories often throughout the week is a reasonable amount.

Scheduling social media content is much easier when you use a content calendar for scheduling.

You can organize the entire social media publishing using Sharelov’s calendar of content. It’s free to Sharelov subscribers therefore why not take a look today!


How To Find More Information about Your Story Viewers

Good news: You will be able to know more about your Story’s viewers through insights from Sharelov.

Sharelov subscirbers can quickly navigate to Story viewers analytics right from their primary dashboard. Simply go to Analytics > Stories.

In Story analytics, you’ll be able to find a selection of options for filters and views. This includes the Highlights view which allows you to quickly view the views and reactions of every Story.

Do you want to know more on your Story viewer data?

Simply click on any Story card for more detailed information which include:

Organic engagement rate: How many people commented or reacted to your Story

People have reached: How many watched your Story

Impressions: How many times your Story was viewed

Completed Rate: How many viewers have watched the whole Story

Forward How many people clicked ahead to see the next piece of your Story

Rewind: How many people have tapped backwards to watch the same content in your Story

Exits: What number of times have you tapped away from your Story when playing it?

Replies: How many replies an image or video has received

Sharelov lets you access Story Post analytics as well as post analytics. You can also quickly share important points and data cards to your entire team.


For more detailed analytics on your Stories you may also check out your account’s overall analytics on Instagram.

If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram Insights (or perhaps you’d benefit from to refresh your knowledge), be sure to take a look at the Ultimate Guide To Instagram Analytics for detailed instructions, tricks, and examples.


The Truth About Viewers”List Order

The most common misconception about Instagram Story viewers list is that it displays users based on the frequency they’ve viewed your Stories.

It’s not.

The order of the list is determined using a private algorithm that isn’t released to the public.

Once, viewers were listed by the frequency you, as a brand, was in contact with them. Or sorting them chronologically. Or, a combination of both —

based on the person who was doing the theorizing.

Based on Julian Gutman in 2019, Product Lead for Instagram Home “…The people that appear on that list are not necessarily the ones who stalk you in the highest amount.”

Redditor user infinitesimalFawn believes that the algorithm changed at the beginning of March 2021 however, other users believe that it has changed repeatedly since then. It’s impossible to pinpoint the logic behind the list’s order.

Without any formal announcement from Instagram, or obvious prioritizing It’s fair to say that the order in which users appear on your list of Viewers remains a mystery.

What we know is that the list of Viewers doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of times someone has viewed the Story or visited your account. It does not show who is “stalking” the account.

The positive side is that there’s lots of information available on your viewers via Stories Insights.


Why Use Stories on Instagram? Stories?

In 2021, more than 1 billion users use Instagram at least once a month. More than 500 million people sign up daily, and nearly all of them (90 90%) follow a business.

40 percent of U.S. adults say they’ve utilized Instagram.

500 million plus Instagram accounts make use of Stories every day. half of the people who were surveyed say they have visited a site to buy a product or service after seeing it on Stories.

About 90% of marketers are on Instagram and 64% of them plan to expand their organic Instagram activities over the next year.


According to the 2021 Marketing report published by Social Media Examiner, Instagram usage grew by 46% between 2020 and 2021 and its storytelling-based video content were utilized by 59% marketers, higher than Facebook or Tiktok.

With the popularity of short-form video, Instagram is coming out ahead of the competition.

A majority of brands are investing into Instagram Stories, betting that the platform and its Stories format will continue to be the top platform for expanding brand reach, engagement, and sales.

With so many marketers competing for attention on Instagram and trying to find a way to stand out isan absolute challenge!

The positive side is there’s numerous methods to stay ahead of the market. First, having a well-documented social media plan can improve your chances significantly.

Monitoring your competition and their advertisements, industry’s influencers, as well as particular hashtags can significantly improve your ability to develop an effective strategy for your business and a content strategy.

There’s a lot to keep track of but, it’s also a lot to be aware of.

your time is important.

Sharelov lets you keep track of the performance of your competitors, advertisements, influencers, hashtags and more- even if you only have a few seconds a day.

You’ll find a wealth of information on monitoring your competitors’ strategy in the Sharelov’s article How to Monitor Your Competitors” Social Media Strategy.

And, if you want to test out the monitoring software that can make your work quicker easy, more efficient, and efficient, you can join for a free Sharelov trial here.


Who is using Instagram?

According to a report published by Pew Research, here’s who’s using Instagram in 2021:


44% of those aged between the ages of 18 and 29.

48% of those between the ages of 30 to 49

29% of people aged 50-64

13% of people ages 65 and above


45% of those living who live in urban regions

41% of residents who live in suburban areas

25% of people in rural areas


47% of people who earn more than $75,000 or more.

39% of people who earn between $50,000 and $74,999

45% of people who earn $30,000 – $49,000

35% of those who make less than $30,000

Instagram users hail from every walk of life and have a wide range of geographical and economic backgrounds.

Whatever your product, brand or field, Instagram has an audience for you. The question is: how do you get them to engage?

One of the most effective methods to increase your return using the social networks is to share exclusive, high-quality, and original regular content.


Your brand and the people you serve are different, which is why it is essential to develop a unique posting schedule that targets your audience’s behaviours on the web. Sharelov’s Most Effective Time to Post tool automatically calculates and recommends the most effective times to post for your Instagram viewers.

Try the Best Time To Post tool free with the Sharelov free trial subscription.


In the next part, we give you some ways to increase the number of viewers who will view your Stories.


9 Ways to Expand Your Reach with Instagram Story Viewers

Make the most of your Stories by using the below features. They’ll help to expand the reach of your account and also engage your followers.

#1 #3: Make Hashtags in your Stories to be Featured in More Feeds

Use relevant hashtags to place your Stories in search feeds, so that more people will see you. The best hashtags work when you don’t spam them however, rather research them and choose them carefully.


You don’t need a lot of hashtags to attract more viewers. You can target a particular audience by selecting hashtags that potential buyers or viewers are entering into search boxes.


#2: Use Location Stickers And Geotagging To Get More Viewers And Boost Your In-person Traffic.

Geotagging and geotags are powerful methods of increasing your reach and bring users to your address.

Amazing Vacations from Source

If you own a brick-and-mortar location, events, or popups ensure you include location stickers into your Stories!


#3: Use Questions And Polls To Engage Your Audience.

Questions and polls help you engage and engage your audience.

Source: Boxycharm

Use poll and question stickers to encourage conversation among audience members and keep them looking through your Stories to find more.


#4: Make Use of Instagram Influencers to significantly increase Your Viewers and Engagement.

Are you seeking an enormous amount people to watch your brand? Hire an influencer to promote your brand!

No matter how large your business is there are influencers to suit your budget and help to increase your audience.

Influencers can promote your brand through product images such as takeovers, recommendations, and takeovers.


Micro-influencers can be particularly beneficial for small-sized businesses. Although their audience is smaller, micro-influencer engagement rates are usually higher than big-name influencers. Additionally, their costs are typically affordable for businesses of any size.


#5: Create a compelling Instagram Profile and Bio with A plethora of Stories Highlights.

It is important to note that your Instagram profile is the first place viewers are directed to to find out more what your business is about and decide if they would like to follow you.

Source Lowes

Complete your profile and then add your best Stories as highlights, so they will remain there for as long as you’d like.


#6: Use Instagram Live to Increase Your Brand’s Presence In The Newsfeed.

Instagram Live, a feature of Stories, helps you get noticed in your user’s newsfeeds. Go live often to keep your brand on top of peoples’ minds.

Create captivating live videos which encourage viewers to interact and connect with the people behind your brand.


#7: Promote Your Stories Through Paid Adverts

Ready to grow your audience? Find people looking for brands similar to yours by advertising your Instagram Stories and posts.

Instagram has a wide assortment of features, stickers, and improvements that allow your brand grow, engage, and convert your followers.

#8 Make Your Stories Highlights

When new people see your posts and stories when they visit your site, they are likely to click on your bio to find out more about your company.

Greet your profile visitors with compelling bios and Stories Highlights that present your brand to those who are new to it. This will help you create a bigger following and expand the reach of Your Instagram Stories.

#9 The Auto-Share feature of Instagram stories allows you to share your Instagram posts To Facebook.

Increase your reach in just a few seconds by allowing Instagram to automatically post your stories to Facebook!

Here’s how to automatically share every one of your future Instagram Stories to Facebook:

The first step is to ensure that first, you ensure that your Facebook as well as Instagram accounts are connected. If you’re not linking both accounts, here are the instructions:

How To Link Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts to Allow Sharing:

Click on the profile picture at the bottom left corner on your profile.

Click the hamburger menu on the top left of the page that displays your personal information.

Tap the settings icon.

Tap “Sharing With Others Apps.”

Tap Facebook Then enter your Facebook username and password.

Tap Continue>Yes>Finish Setup

How to enable autoshare on Instagram Stories To Facebook:

Tap on your profile image at the bottom right corner of your profile.

Tap the hamburger menu at the top left of the page that displays your personal information.

Tap Settings>Privacy>Story

Scroll down to “Sharing” and enable the toggle switch above “Share Your Story To Facebook.”

Automating the sharing of the content of your Instagram Stories to Facebook can increase your reach to another platform of importance, with any effort.

Did you know that you can create and edit Instagram Stories in Sharelov? You’ll love how easy it is for teams to work together, making Stories that can increase your reach and sales!


5 Strategies to Increase Sales With Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can be an effective way to increase your sales. Here are a few tips to increase your sales using Instagram Stories.

#1. Promote Your Instagram Account Outside the Instagram

Get more customers on your Instagram account and shopping cart by promoting it via your other channels, which include:

Other social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

From your website with Instagram icons

In your mailer with teasers, images and stories


#2. Create User-Generated Content Campaigns

According to a survey published by Turn To Networks, over 70 percent of U.S. consumers make at minimum one purchase on the internet each month, and 25% of them make purchases online every week.

If you’re trying to convert your viewers into buyers and vice versa, content created by users is an absolute must:

The majority of consumers (90%) said that user-generated content is the biggest influencer of their buying decision.

Nearly half (63 percent) believe that user-generated content makes the shopping experience more authentic.

Nearly half (61 percent) users believe that content created by users encourages brand engagement

A majority of shoppers (65 percent) think that user-generated content is more interesting than brand-created content.

What is content created by users?

User-generated content (UGC) is any non-paid material that other people make about your company. This includes images and videos that highlight or feature review of your product, services, or recommendations.

One method for brands to encourage their followers to make UGC is to make use of Instagram Stories to promote

Giveaways or sweepstakes are offered to those who post photos of their products with hashtags.


Other offer the chance to be recognized. For example, Airbnb asks users to tag their images to be displayed within the Instagram accounts page.



Since Instagram doesn’t come with an simple “share” button it is necessary to undergo a number of manual steps to repost content without the Instagram share tool.

Sharelov’s Instagram sharing tool makes the process of reposting UGC content much more simple.


You can test it out for yourself by using Instagram reposting tool for free with an Sharelov trial subscription.


#3. Engage with Your Followers

By responding to each Instagram comment, you establish trust and respect among your followers and make them more likely to turn into paying customers.

Responding to each comment can be a daunting task without special software. It’s easy to lose your place and forget to check your comments. However, the best thing you can do is to be annoyed when you respond to your followers!

Sharelov’s got you covered. Manage all your Instagram comments through your Sharelov dashboard, and also build your brand’s engagement rate in addition to reputation and sales as well.


To learn more about how to reply to Instagram comments, read our Guide to Instagram Comment Engagement here.

#4. Get The Most Value From Instagram’s shopping in Stories

Instagram has a number of options to assist your business in selling directly on its platform and Stories is an excellent method of promoting your product and services.

to maximize possible sales opportunities, you should use stories: Stories format:

Install Checkout on Instagram, so you can sell directly from Instagram. Instagram app.

Set up an Instagram Shop, if you don’t have one already.

Create “Collections” on the shop on Instagram shop to drive sales.

Connect Instagram buying stickers on the product images on Your Instagram Stories.

Our guide The Ultimate Checklist for Getting Set Up, Approved, and started shopping on Instagram will provide step-by-step instructions for getting set up Instagram Shopping. Go through it today and boost your sales instantly!


#5. Utilize Instagram Posts To Drive Viewers to Your Stories

Stories can be a great shopping tool. You can use Your Instagram posts to bring additional customers to your promotions Stories:

Include the post with a CTA which encourages readers to visit Your (specific) Story for a special discount.

Post Story teasers on your posts and invite viewers to visit the complete Story to find out more.

Convert promotional stories into profile Highlights, then include CTA’s in your post inviting people to visit your profile.

If you’re interested in these suggestions for boosting sales with Instagram Stories, you’ll love this guide:

118 Ideas for Outstanding Social Media Content

Our outstanding Social Media Content guide shares tons of Instagram content ideas as well as examples and suggestions that can help increase your engagement, reach and sales.


Use Instagram Story Viewers To Enhance Your Sales, Reach, and Following

Instagram Stories are a fantastic opportunity to grow your brand’s reach and drive sales. To make the most of you Story Viewers, use Story insights to uncover more about your viewers.