VidaXL is a Dutch-based worldwide internet store with headquarters in Venlo. VidaXL has an unusually large selection of products in areas like home & garden, furniture, and sporting goods. 

The history

In 2006, two young entrepreneurs began selling things on a modest scale online using a variety of venues. This turned out to be a huge hit. During this period of rapid expansion, VidaXL also established its brand and began manufacturing the vidaXL items. The number of products rose at an exponential rate, therefore the next logical step was to begin selling in new countries through VidaXL online stores. VidaXL success is based on its ability to source products and supply them at affordable costs. VidaXL is always looking for new ways to save money without sacrificing quality. 

About VidaXl

VidaXL does market research to determine which products are in high demand. After that, VidaXL negotiates with firms that manufacture these products and then purchase them in quantity – directly from the source. This technique allows us to influence the product design and packaging, as well as optimize the entire process, resulting in you, VidaXL’s customer, paying a very low price for their items.


VidaXL also has a factory where they manufacture particle board furniture of various varieties. VidaXL now has even greater control over the manufacturing process for these products, which means that the price you pay as a consumer will be even lower. 

Goal of VidaXl

Customers are becoming more price-conscious, and vidaXL is helping to facilitate this trend by providing affordable solutions in and around the home. VidaXL works hard to make all of these products available to as many people as possible. 


Customers in 29 European countries, the United States, and Australia buy VidaXL products. VidaXL is working hard to go even further and reach out to even more clients. All of VidaXL’s customer care representatives are fluent in the native languages of the countries in which they do business. 

VidaXL sells sporting items

Are you a true sports fan or a complete novice in the field? VidaXL has the appropriate sports equipment for both types of sportsmen at vidaXL. VidaXL is well-known for its wide selection, which includes a variety of sports. Every athlete is considered! Halters, darts, workout equipment, and wetsuits, for example, can be purchased here. It doesn’t harm to try a sport once because their prices are so low. If you don’t enjoy it, you may switch to another sport without paying a fortune!

Get whatever you need

Moving is good for you! However, doing enough of it is not always easy. Sports might be difficult to maintain when you have a demanding career. VidaXL also carries useful sports equipment, such as a compact exercise bike, for persons with little time. You can do arm exercises on the exercise bike or cycle at home behind your desk. If you prefer a relaxed yoga session at home or in a class, vidaXL’s sports equipment includes a variety of yoga mats. With one of the useful sports wristbands or watches, you can keep track of all your achievements.

Buy the best sports equipment and games

Exercising is not only excellent for your health, but it can also help you relax. In addition to its exercise equipment, VidaXL also carries a variety of less strenuous fun sports things. Play darts with your family or friends, or play pool or air hockey! On vidaXL, you can see their entire collection.

What about the toys?

If you still need a present and don’t have time to go to the city, has toys and games. VidaXL has a large selection of toys for young and older children, both from their line and from other manufacturers. It’s also worth noting that all of the VidaXL products come with free shipping!

Get all types of toys and games

You can provide various types of entertainment to keep your children from only sitting in front of the TV or watching movies on a tablet. Playing outside, for example, is significantly more enjoyable with one of VidaXL’s swings, sandpits, or playhouses. A large trampoline where older children can let off steam will make them delighted. A net around the trampoline will add further safety. VidaXL construction toys are a lot of fun when the weather is terrible. The little ones will like one of the huge teddy bears, dolls, or musical instruments.

Shopping from anywhere

Do you wish to shop while you’re relaxing on the couch? Then go to vidaXL and enjoy yourself. Aside from toys and games, you’ll discover a variety of other items here. Consider everything you’ll need for your house and garden, as well as pet supplies and sports equipment. Simply place your purchase, and the products will be delivered as quickly as possible to your home.

Become a dropshipping partner with VidaXl

Without having to manage stock or organize shipments and returns, you may sell over 90,000 vidaXL goods to clients in the EU, Australia, and the United States.

About drop shipping

Join VidaXL’s network of tens of thousands of drop shippers and start an online company from your own home. Find over 90,000 vidaXL goods to sell on your website. You set the price and profit margin. VidaXL delivers the products straight to the end client, handles returns, and provides customer service advice.

How does dropshipping by VidaXL work?

  • Create an account, browse VidaXL’s library of over 90,000 vidaXL goods, and add them to your sales channel.
  • Begin selling, set your price, and sell to customers in 32 countries across the world.
  • Send, all orders are shipped straight to your clients by us.
  • Keep track of your order with their up-to-date tracking information.

Why should you pick VidaXL for dropshipping?

  • Easy-to-use and adaptable sales gateway With API access and several payment alternatives, VidaXL’s capabilities make dropshipping a snap.
  • Choose from more than 90,000 items. vidaXL gives you access to thousands of fantastic products thanks to its production facility and a selection of brands.
  • Data feeds in real-time, Keep up to date on items, prices, inventories, and order processing.
  • Quick delivery, You can count on VidaXL’s quick delivery service for your company.
  • VidaXL takes care of returns so you can concentrate on your business.
  • Customer Service, Do you have any questions concerning your store? VidaXL’s helpful staff is always available to assist you with your business needs.