Examining the difference between carbon steel razorvs stainless steel razor

Steel is available in many forms and depending on the applications and strength. Today, we take a look at two of the most commonly used steel in industrial and household processes – carbon steel and stainless steel.

Carbon steel will have less than 10.5% chromium content. On the other hand, stainless steel needs to have greater than 10.5% chromium content.

Let’s look at these types of steel and check out their distinct features.

What is stainless steel?

Even though this term is used loosely in the modern-day jargon, stainless steel actually refers to a type of steel that does not rust, discolor or corrode. This material has been used for many years, and it was first produced in France at the beginning of 19th century. Today, it’s almost impossible to think about this world without stainless steel as it has become ubiquitous.

What is carbon steel?

Carbon steel is one of the oldest forms of indispensable metal. It’s a malleable, ductile and immensely strong material. It’s extremely common in the modern industry, and it has been used in construction and manufacturing processes like carbon steel razor.

Don’t you have a better picture of these two materials? Which one is better for you? Well, if you are interested in knowing more about them, keep reading!

1 – Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel: Definition

Let’s start with carbon steel first. It’s a form of steel that is composed of iron with a small amount of carbon. This means that it’s not a pure metal but rather a super-metal alloy. The name says it all, as this type of steel is used in the fabrication of various things, for example, household items and industrial products.

Also, you can produce carbon steel through the casting, rolling, and forging process. Carbon steel has many grades depending on the amount of carbon content and strength level.

Carbon steel is a very tough material that is easy to work with as you can machine and weld it. It’s strong, durable and easy to maintain. So, if you would like to have a strong yet affordable (as well as aesthetically pleasing) product that will last a lifetime, choose carbon steel.

Stainless steel is a modern take on the older metal, and it’s composed of iron and few other materials. The most common one is chromium which forms chromium oxide in the presence of oxygen or water – this oxide is what prevents the body from rusting.

It’s important to point out that stainless steel is not a pure metal but rather an alloy that requires special treatment in the end product item – it’s very unlikely that you will find 100% stainless steel on the market.

2 – Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel: Uses

Stainless steel is used in many areas of life for its properties, for example:

– It’s easy to weld and work with.

– It’s a durable material which does not rust or corrode.

– It ages very well, and it can be polished to look brand new.

However, at the end of the day, it cannot withstand the high amount of abuse that carbon steel can endure.

Carbon steel is used in a lot of processes because:

– It’s incredibly strong.

– It’s easily welded and machined, so manufacturers often use it to make construction elements or objects that need to be machined.

– In the modern world, it’s extremely popular due to its low cost.

– It doesn’t rust or corrode, but oxidation can affect the material. It is extensively used for making razor blade holders and carbon steel razors. Even circular blades and industrial knives will have this type of steel.

3 – Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel: Strength

When we talk about strength, it’s important to point out that they are different types of strength. In this case, we are talking about tensile strength. Tensile strength is a measurement of how much stress a material can endure and still stay together in one piece.

Here’s the thing: stainless steel and carbon steel have different tensile strengths – while stainless steel will withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius, carbon steel can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius.

4 – Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel: Toughness

This type of steel is exceptionally tough and corrosion-resistant. It’s durable, sharp, and keeps its properties even when exposed to a great amount of abuse.

On the other hand, carbon steel is weak in comparison to stainless steel, but it ages better (it will get discolored over time). Although some people consider carbon steel as a weakling, it’s not true – carbon steel is an extremely strong and durable metal.

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